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Bright, Bold Velvet Sofas: Trending now

Trying to predict trends in fashion or in interior decoration can be a very difficult prospect, even for industry insiders and people in the know about such things. One such trend which has caught a great many knowledgeable people by surprise is the tremendous surge in the popularity of velvet for use in home furnishings and decoration.

In truth, this was a trend which began slowly gaining traction several years ago, and that quiet momentum has provided the basis for a literal explosion of popularity in 2017. One of the biggest areas where velvet has found extensive new acceptance and utilization is in the upholstery for sofas and chairs, and the proliferation of new patterns and colors of velvet has been nothing short of dazzling.


Behind the velvet sofa trend

Velvet has been around for ages of course, so what’s behind this ‘sudden’ surge in popularity? Here’s what some of the experts have to say about that. According to Swoonworthy designer, Kimberly, “One of the reasons I’ve always loved velvet is that it feels and looks luxurious. There’s something about the soft neat pile and the way it ages so beautifully – the pile slowly compresses, leaving a soft sheen behind as a ghost of where others have been.” Kimberly also appreciates the practical appeal of velvet, since she has always had cats, and they’ve long since given up on the notion of clawing the no-loop fabric because they simply cannot gain any traction to shred its outer layers.

Jen from Love Chic Living has the following to say, “I can’t tell you how much I’m in love with all velvet interiors and accessories at the moment. It’s decadent, luxurious and packed full of texture – the perfect sofa for 2017.” These are commentaries which are representative of the kind of widespread new usage velvet fabrics are finding in stylish and eye-catching sofas this year, as interior decorators make use of exciting new patterns and colors now available for every imaginable kind of theme.

New mentality on home decoration

It isn’t just professionals who are pushing out new ideas for use of velvet in home applications – homeowners themselves are embracing the idea of decorating with furniture that doesn’t just fade into the background, but instead catches the eye and makes a bold statement. More and more, people are expressing their own personalities through bright, rich colors in their sofas and other furnishings, eschewing the more conservative styles of the past.

The bottom line on ‘the new velvet’ is that the fabric itself has such intrinsic appeal that it will never really go out of style for any length of time, and the current fascination with velvet has a lot to do with people’s attitudes and desires for injecting a bit of their own personalities into the home setting. Simply put, nothing can express the feeling of richness and luxury, color and style, better than irrepressible velvet.

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