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Bitcoin – The New Way To Shop And Pay Securely At Lushes Curtains

3rd June 2015 – Lushes Curtains is proud to announce the latest update for its online shopping and store customers. Now people from all over the world can shop for their desired curtain choices at Lushes Curtains and pay securely via Bitcoin- the new online trending currency. The company has started accepting Bitcoin not only at their online store but also at their physical store in South El Monte, California.

With its acceptance of Bitcoin as the latest mode of payment, Lushes Curtains wants to improve online shopping for its customers in terms of ease and security. With Bitcoin payments the customers will have the freedom to shop from anywhere in the world and not worry about their security at all. Because Bitcoin does not involve any third party, the entire process of sending and receiving money would stay clear of all kinds of online spam involved in sending or receiving money. The best thing about using Bitcoin will be the fact that there won’t be any transaction costs and customers will only have to pay for what they buy.

The management at Lushes Curtains has been very impressed by the security measures adopted by Bitcoin. Because Bitcoin cannot be stolen until unless the thief has physical access to the account holder’s key, it makes the security all the more strong and totally different from all other typical currency companies. Also transactions using Bitcoin and those on international levels have become very easy and tax free thanks to Bitcoin. Sending and receiving money through wire transfer or Western Union proves to be very costly but thanks to Bitcoin there are no transaction fees involved and customers will not have to pay anything extra at all.

About Lushes Curtains

Lushes Curtains is headquartered in South El Monte, California and has been providing its customers with the finest readymade curtains at highly competitive prices. The company is reputed for its excellence and quality and has a long string of satisfied clientele situated around the world.

Lushes Curtains covers its customer’s needs for all kinds of velvet curtains at highly competitive pricing. People who want to buy curtains in wholesale or retail can find a large range of variety at Lushes Curtains to choose from.

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