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A Touch of Class

I was recently re-watching the very first episode of “Suits”(a series from USA Network) and I noticed something very peculiar yet strangely reasonable. It was when Mike Ross, the young protagonist, slipped into a job interview for Pearson-Hardman law firm while running from a busted drug deal. This is the very first time where Mike and the brilliant closer Mr. Harvey Specter met.


The scene was set in a traditional English room with wooden furnishings, carpeted floor and curtain accents. That’s where it hit me; this was probably one of the very few times that the director actually used curtains. It’s quite peculiar since all throughout the season the office that the characters where into had only clear unperturbed glass panes, no curtains, no nothing. It led me into thinking that they actually made an obvious and reasonable reason for doing that. This scene is crucial as this scene shows the difference between the two personalities. This scene is dominated and inhabited by Harvey; it reflects him and his stature and what better to show such stature than a classic drape. There is just that certain feel of luxury and prestige in having a velvety fabric hanging in the heavens draping down as it touches the earth. It lends credibility to the room, to the person and to the business.


Every business may it be a prestigious law firm, a manufacturing company or even a small business needs every bit of help to thrive in the very congested market. And as Harvey Spencer made clear to Mike Ross a little touch of class would go a long way. Lushes Curtains’ newest addition to its drapery catalog, its luxurious 100% Belgium Cotton Velvet Curtains is a every bit of class that you will need. The Belgium trademark will is a sure sign of its quality since Association cotonnière de Belgique (Belgium Cotton Association) is part of the international cotton associations which not only ensures trade relations but gives seminars on the best practices on the cotton industry. Lushes Curtains offers these cotton velvet curtains in various colours. They have these curtains for 6 ft up to 18 ft high and you could choose the dimensions which would suit your space.

Whatever the location, whatever the business a set of these luxurious 100% Belgium Cotton Velvet Curtains will spell extravagance in every angle. So go ahead get your business a touch of class!

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