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A Quick History of Velvet Curtaining

A Quick History of Velvet Curtaining


Velvet curtains have been the preferred curtain choice for plenty of businesses and homeowners for many years.  This is the one type of curtain that is bound to never go out of fashion because of the warm and luxurious feel that these curtains contribute to a dwelling.  It is a curtain with both vintage and futuristic appeal and is a superb selection for anyone looking for a durable solution.  But where does this luxurious home décor trend come from?  Why is it human nature to prefer curtaining above other window coverings?  And why is velvets specifically such an esteemed curtain type?  Perhaps a quick history on velvet curtains can help shed some light on these questions.

The first time curtains were used

The main purpose of curtains is to obscure light, drafts or water inside a home but curtains are also widely used for decorating and for security.  Curtains originate from a very long time ago.   Evidence found in excavation sites at cities like Olynthus, Pompeii, and Herculaneum all indicate that curtaining was commonly used from the 2nd century as both room dividers and to cover windows.  This makes perfect sense since fabrics were much easier to manufacture in historic times than other types of home constructions.  Fabrics and especially curtaining and dividers have been considered as luxury and décor since the earliest of times and are still widely used for just these purposes.


The history of velvets

Velvet fabric curtains specifically also have a very interesting history.  This woven tufted fabric is designed to have a very soft and smooth feel.  Velvets used to be quite expensive to produce.  Because of the unusual softness and appearance of these fabrics they used to be associated with nobility.  The first velvets were introduced to Baghdad by Kashmiri merchants.  The world’s larger producer of velvets was Cairo and their luxury fabrics were exported all over the world and especially to Venice.  Velvets were so popular King Richard II of England requested his body to be clothed in velvets upon burial in 1399.

a quick history of velvet curtaining

The different types of velvets

There are quite a lot of different types of velvet fabrics out there.  Chiffon, Cisele, Crushed, Devore, Embossed, Hammered, Lyons, Mirror, Nacre, Panne, Pile-on-Pile, Plain, Utrecht, Velveteen, Voided and Wedding Ring or ring velvets are all part of the luxury category and each of these types has unique traits.

As you can see, velvets and curtaining go back quite a while.  The rich history of curtaining might just mean that these types of home decorations have become part of our culture or even our nature and might just be the reason why curtaining is still so popular to this very day.  Velvet curtains specifically have been associated with nobility and even though these curtains are incredibly affordable in modern day life, they still form part of the luxury genre.  If you are looking for curtaining with a rich culture, a deep history, and very important meaning then velvet curtaining is definitely the way to go.

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