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A Guide to Spring Fabrics

Especially in geographic locations where summer becomes very hot, wearing velvet may not be medically advisable, and it certainly won’t be as comfortable as it was during those cold winter months, when it felt warm and comfortable to the touch. However, that doesn’t mean you have to completely abandon the velvet state of mind when sunshine becomes a little more abundant, and temperatures start to rise.

Velvet lovers can rejoice in the fact that there are some fabrics which you can strategically substitute for your favorite velvet pieces of clothing, so you can have that same feel of being a unique person with unique tastes. Here are some fabric notions you may want to try in lieu of velvet, while you’re counting down the days to cooler weather, and you’re able to get back into your favorite luxurious velvet pieces.


This fabric is virtually immune to any seasonal usage, and can be used to make just about any piece of clothing. Fashion designers and clothing manufacturers are up on all this of course, and that’s why you’ll be able to find culottes, skirts, jumpsuits, bib overalls, and just about anything else you can dream up, all made of cool, refreshing denim. 

Sheer fabrics

Show off some skin with fabrics that are basically see-through, and which will help liberate you from all those layers you needed to wear during the cold winter months. Practically everything is available in a sheer fabric or material for spring and summer, including bodysuits, tops, dresses. Even shoes are available in sheer mode, and can add considerable intrigue and style to your daily fashion choices. Not only do these look great, but after months of being under wraps, it’s a great opportunity to let your skin enjoy the light of day.


Silk might be a little chilly for regular wearing during the colder months, but it has a wonderfully refreshing feel as thing starts to warm up. It also provides a look of elegance, regardless of how you choose to slip it into the wardrobe.


When you just can’t decide between socks or tights, why not wear fishnets to steal some appeal from both? Wear your fishnets in standalone mode with a skirt, or wear them under your blue jeans, with some strategically placed holes or gaps that allow everyone to see how cool you are, and what a great fashion sense you have.


Lame can have a huge impact on just about any outfit you choose to wear, and you really can’t go wrong when incorporating this into your wardrobe pick of the day. Whether gold, silver, copper, or some other metallic-looking material, wearing this fabric sets you apart as an individual, and shows everyone you aren’t a person who follows the crowd.

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