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8 Decor Trends for Bathrooms in 2021

8 Decor Trends for Bathrooms in 2021

2020 saw most of us spending much more time at home, and that extra time prompted many long-awaited renovation projects. When you want to up the style factor of your home, the bathroom is always a good place to start, and while new decor trends surface each year, there are always a few updates with staying power. Here are your top tips for keeping your bathroom on-trend in 2021.

Embrace warm textures

“Warm” might not be the first word to mind when you think of a modern bathroom space, which is exactly why this trend is so powerful. Bathrooms have become a hub for relaxation, and what could be more relaxing than calming colors and nods to nature? Whether you integrate them on the walls, in the statement elements, or through non-committal bathroom accessories, warm colors and textures will go a long way to integrate the bathroom with the rest of the home.

Tailor your tapware

As bathroom updates go, updating tapware is one of the best options around. Taps are quick and easy to swap out when a new style comes into fashion, and there are stylish options to suit almost any color scheme. The best tapware brands for your bathroom project will depend on a few factors, including your price range, your color scheme, and the style throughout your bathroom, but most brands will stock the latest color trends: think brass, brushed nickel, matte white, and textured finishes.

Relish rituals with central pieces

There’s no denying that 2020 was a stressful time for many of us, which makes this the perfect time for a quick and easy update like a new bathtub. Something as simple as a soak in the tub could make all the difference on difficult days – and given the range of modern free-standing tub styles on offer right now, your next bathtub purchase could be your last for many years to come. Say hello to long soaks in the hot water and goodbye to unwanted stress.

Get the lighting right

When you’re spending less time outside, great lighting becomes a necessity. If you’re lucky, your bathroom will have been cleverly designed to make the most of the natural light by reflecting off mirrors, showers, and vanities – and if not, there are still plenty of ways to make your space feel lighter. Modern lighting options range from the minimalistic ceiling and under-cabinet lights to backlit mirrors and even chandeliers – which is to say that almost anything goes!

Invest in smart developments

Combine germ-savvy modern life with the constant stream of technological advances, and the latest high-tech fixtures seem like obvious bathroom additions. Think self-cleaning toilets, floors with heating controls, and water conservation sensors. With these new pieces, your bathroom will be the most hygienic, forward-thinking room in the house.

Dress it up from head to toe

In recent years, bathroom trends have been all about minimalistic color schemes and fixtures, but as the world has moved inside, so have the colors of nature. Embracing color in your bathroom, whether it’s through your accessories, a main statement piece, or the color on the walls, is a great way to keep things fresh without committing to anything too permanent. That said, if you don’t mind something with a little staying power, consider a new set of bathroom tiles in earthy tones or textures. Plus, once you have some eye-catching color going on, you’ll have a good reason to embrace minimalist tendencies and declutter your home. Bonus!

Size up the shower

Social distancing might be the dominant trend outside the home for the foreseeable future, but inside the home, it can seem difficult to find separation from housemates, family members, and partners – that is, unless you’re in the shower. Is it any wonder that larger shower spaces are on the rise? Extra space is a luxury that will always be on-trend, but you can double the impact with a modern glass shower enclosure.

Shrink down the spaces

Our appliances and shower spaces might be getting bigger, but when it comes to our living spaces in general, the opposite is true. As more young adults turn to studio and one-bedroom apartments, the need for considered, compact spaces is greater than ever. Functional design picks like floating vanities and open showers are key to this trend, giving small spaces the illusion of grandeur that every modern home longs for.

There’s no shortage of decor ideas that could take your bathroom to the next level and help you raise the value of your property, or just enjoy your home life that much more. When you’re ready to invest in a bathroom you love, look no further than these tips.

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