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2018 Color Trends to Consider When Choosing Your Curtains

Is it time for a new set of velvet curtains for your home?  Perhaps you are looking for great ideas to give your home a mini-makeover?  Well, then you are probably having a hard time with decision making.  It can be tough to choose the right color for a home and for décor items.  A good way to ensure that the new look you create inside your home is trendy, modern and appealing is by sticking to the latest color trends.  2018 color trends are great for deciding on the right luxury velvet curtains.  When you are spot on with the right color trend you can choose the right color curtains right from the start and save yourself from disappointment and from losing cash on the wrong match for your home.

Warmer colors and pastels are back in

Fashion experts and interior decorators predict that 2018 is going to be the year for warmer, deeper and pastel colors.  Bright neon and bold colors that was extremely popular in 2017 is going to slowly start fading away and homeowners are going to switch over to pastels.

Why pastel colors are going to be hot in 2018

Pastel colors give a sense of quality and calm.  These colors are fantastic for creating a home that is classy and timeless with a feel of luxury. Pastels have a calming effect on your body and mind and can help improve your ability to relax.  These colors are also great for home décor simply because pastels can be incredibly flexible.  You can easily combine various pastel colors and still end up with a room that looks amazing and harmonious.

The best pastel colors to consider in 2018

Pleasant Pink – This pink has a creamy undertone with a salmon vibe.  It is a great color for your home and especially for your walls.

Texas Rose – Texas rose gives your home a warmer and cozier feeling.  The color is amazing for homes with furniture that is mostly dull and uniform and goes well with various other colors.

Caliente – This vibrant red color have been a popular home trend for years.  Plenty of homeowners love to accent a part of their home like the front door or a dining area with this lively color.

White Opulence – This light, creamy color is a great choice for wall color and even for furniture.  White Opulence can be combined with just about any color imaginable and can make your home look a lot more spacious.

Saddle soap – Browns are going to make a comeback in 2018 and saddle soap is a great pastel brown to use for home decorating because of the classic vibe this color gives off.

Cherry Wine– This rich red-pinkish color can be a great color to spice up a dull room and is definitely a good look to aim for in 2018.

Stone – Stone have been a popular home color trend for years and will still be trendy in 2018.  Stone colors give a sense of professionalism and combines well with a modernized design trend.

With these color trends to guide you, you can easily pick the right colored luxury curtains right from the start and give your home that harmonious look that you have been dying to achieve.

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