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10 Style Tips On How to Wear Velvet

Velvet is riding the crest of a wave of nostalgia for the fashions which ruled the ’90’s, and you don’t have to look very hard to see the overalls, knee socks, crop tops, and Birkenstocks being worn by appreciative retro-style owners on city streets. This shouldn’t be so surprising, since velvet has always had an undeniable appeal, which immediately says ‘elegant’ or ‘luxurious’, even in fashion connotations. That being the case, here are some of the best ways you can take advantage of velvet’s return to fashion prominence, and get in on the fun.

Mix, match, or go solo on any of these ideas:

  • Velvet blazer – a great way to begin a work ensemble, coupled with a maxi skirt that keeps you warm during the cool days of spring
  • Velvet shoes – if you’re not sold on the idea of velvet, and prefer to make a quieter statement, some soft velvet shoes might be the ideal way to go. Find a comfortable pair which complement one of your favorite outfits, and put your big toe in the water.
  • Soft leggings – not only is this a great look, but it can feel very comfortable against your skin, and keep you warm in the bargain. While the cool breezes of springtime prevail, this is not only a chic-looking choice, but a smart one as well.
  • Mini-skirt – this is another of the ’90’s fashion statements enjoying a strong comeback, so why not double up on your retro fashion, and wear a velvet mini-skirt? Add in some tights, with complementary blazer, and you have a very updated version of a past winner.
  • Velvet shorts – velvet shorts can be matched perfectly with tights and a complementary sweater, to give you an adorable, but sexy look when you’re in the mood for it. Add in a hat of your choosing, and you just might start your own mini-trend around town.
  • Full dress – no doubt about it, a full velvet dress will turn lots of heads, whether you’re at work, at a party, or just dashing around town. For the more elegant occasions, a tasteful necklace can offset the deep, rich color of your velvet dress very effectively.
  • Velvet pants – can easily be matched with a blazer or a simple suit coat, to create a businesslike look, which also shows off your feminine and playful side.
  • Kimono – if you like to drop in on boutique shops, searching for that one garment or accessory which says ‘you’ all over, try finding something like a velvet kimono, that you can build a unique ensemble around.
  • Long cardigan – a full-length velvet cardigan is perfect for teaming up with some Birkenstocks, shorts, and tights
  • T-shirt – how about a velvet t-shirt? Pair it with jeans and your favorite high heels, and you have a very chic look, sure to attract attention and make you feel good about your fashion sense.

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