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Tips to Build a Home Theater on a Budget

Tips to Build a Home Theater on a Budget

Home theaters allow you to experience the luxury of watching films as you would do in a movie hall with HD picture quality, surround sound, dim lights, and the works! Contrary to common misconception these don’t cost a fortune. While you can install expensive gadgets in home theaters if you wish, they can also be set up on a decent budget without costs spiraling wildly. Here are a few tips to build a home theater on a budget.

Benefits of a home theater system:

• Entertainment for all seasons – no need to go to the movie theater when temperatures are soaring or dipping sharply! Going to a multiplex after trudging through ice and snow, or wiping perspiration doesn’t sound a welcome prospect, which can be easily avoided if you can get the same experience at home.
• Tickets, parking charges, food costs, etc. turn movie-watching into an expensive hobby, while a home theater gradually eliminates such recurring expenses every time you wish to catch a film.
• Watch in peace – there is no need to stick to specific show timings as in multiplexes, because now you can avail entertainment at your leisure and convenience.

The Top 10 components for an affordable dream home theater:

Wall Lights

home-theater-lights-very-cheapToo much light during a movie can spoil the overall ambiance and hamper picture quality at the same time. This AGPTEK model, which can be used as porch, foyer or wall fixtures, works great for a home theater as the die cast metal design featuring eyebrow aids in better light focus, control, and direction. It uses a single 3-watt LED light that casts a powerful beam, yet saves energy and subsequently reduces costs. They are long-lasting and extremely durable.

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Valance & Curtain

Window-valance-burgandy-03A theater can never be complete without a plush velvet window valance, right? This double-sided stunning burgundy valance is lightweight and creates the exact feel of a real multiplex. To get bring out a full pleated look, just double to about 2 and ½ times the width you have to cover. A rod pocket is a part of the package and sizes are customizable as per preference. Rest assured, the polyester-velvet blend is of good quality and will not snag or tear.

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burgundy-flocked-velvet-curtain-panel-draperyThis grand curtain is made of the same material as the valance, along with its rich, deep burgundy overtones. A rod pocket is provided so all you need to do is hang it up by a pole. Thick and durable velvet-polyester ensures it is long-lasting. Unlike the valance, a curtain isn’t double-sided but you can get it stitched that way if you state your preference to the seller. These can be made to order and are perfect for home theater backdrops!

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gold-tassel-tieback-curtain-window-treatmentAn elaborate and luxurious tieback in a tassel rope style, not only holds back the drapes, but really accentuates their aesthetic element. The shimmery gold color contrasts wonderfully with the burgundy shade and imparts a vintage aura. The thick, silky tassel is a brilliant throwback to the Victorian era with its elegant and antiquated appeal.

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Floor Lights

$(KGrHqJHJD!E-lNe4wtkBPz+5zrmgg~~60_12How could you leave out those tiny, yet bright floor lights that illuminate the entrance to the theatre? This light exudes a bluish purple hue that looks amazing in the dark, and lets you to create a personalized lighting system with these LED tape strips having 50,000 hours of shelf life. All you need to do is stick them to the surface (3M adhesive is already applied) – their function is unimpeded upon impact. For longer lengths, just attach several strips to each other. Not to mention one strip features 300 single color LED’s, which is sure to fit your theater theme color lighting. Many different light colors & strip lengths to chose from.

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HD Movie Projector

affordable-cheap-home-theater-projector-HD-TV-HDMINow we come to the main part of your home theatre – a movie projector with the latest technology. You can connect this LCD projector directly to computers, laptops, DVD players, for movie viewing, and also to your X-Box or PlayStation if you wish to play games. It supports both 1080P and 720P resolutions, is adjustable by 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios, can be brightened up to 1800 lumens, possesses digital keystone correction of (+ or -) 15 degrees, and numerous dynamic features to enhance your reel experience like never before!

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Sound System

home-theater-surround-sound-system-cheap-best-priceWhile watching movies in a multiplex, how often do you feel the sound originating just beside or above you? That is the magic of a powerful sound system capable of producing such marvelous effects! The Frisby FS-5020BT is Bluetooth compatible, has improved bass high technology, can be switched between stereo and surround sound modes, generates LCD display to adjust controls, and is magnetically protected against image distortion from other devices in vicinity. With a plug and play mechanism, it is easy to connect to your USB/SD/MMC memory cards and transmit the feed directly to the woofer. The system gives excellent performance and comes with a year long warranty.

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Popcorn Machine

home-theater-popcorn-oil-machineCatching a movie without anything to munch on? Impossible! Microwave popcorn might work well, but to replicate the look and feel of a real theater, you must adopt the authentic approach with this old-school hot oil kettle popcorn machine – 2 teaspoons of cooking oil and a ¼ cup of kernels is all it takes. Complete with the “popper” mechanism, measuring cups, and tempered plastic windows, it can churn 10 cups of popcorn in one go!

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black-and-brown-home-theater-seating-chair-chairsDim lights, crunchy popcorn, and a good movie – that’s all you need to soothe those frayed nerves after work. But the cherry on the cake is cozy seating, where you can snuggle with your significant other, especially while watching a rom-com. This lobby recliner chair made with soft faux leather is ergonomically designed to provide the most relaxed angle when you rest your back against it. The stitched back cushions and foam padding make it all the more comfortable, especially if you suffer from pains and aches! The seats are available in black, brown, and sand shades – take your pick.

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Projector Screen

Home-theater-white-pull-down-projector-screen-real-cheapA manual projection screen is simple to operate, and lets you enjoy a movie with optimal image and color reproduction. This 100-inch screen is specifically designed for home theatres with viewing dimensions of 80 X 60 inches, while the smooth white surface with black background material has a matte finish so it is able to distribute projected light evenly. The aspect ratio is 4:3 but can be modified along with the screen height, via the pull-down lock technology. Wall or ceiling mount installation takes just a few minutes with the end cap bracket provided. Easy to clean and requires little maintenance – wiping with mild soap or water will suffice.

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Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon-fire-stick-real-cheap-for-saleWhy restrict yourself to DVDs and CDs when there is a whole other entertainment world out there? The Fire TV Stick acts as the liaison between your HDTV and an enviable collection of movies, documentaries, TV series, music, sports and so on. You get easy access to Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, and other rental channels – it collates your favorite subscriptions and streaming services and links it with Amazon’s digital offerings. The Fire TV Stick features great memory & storage capacity, 200,000+ entertainment choices, instant streaming without buffer time, simple control mechanisms, effective voice search, syncing apps to TV, and much more.

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Thus you can see how this ideal ensemble can help you in assembling a customized home theater without having to shell out huge amounts of money or compromising on quality. If you feel the initial costs are a tad high, consider it is a long-term investment, which will generate very lucrative returns.

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