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Tips for Keeping Pets from Damaging Your Curtains

House pets and curtains don’t go together well; in fact house pets are the leading cause to curtain damage in homes. Perhaps your pet has a different sense of fashion taste when it comes to curtaining, perhaps they smell something suspicious on your curtains or perhaps your dog or cat doesn’t know that you are currently in love with that new velvet curtain.  Whatever the case may be; it is still quite devastating to see a beautiful curtain ruined. Here are just a few tips to help your pet overcome his or her outfall with your gorgeous curtaining;

Tips for your dog

Dogs are notoriously suspicious, curious and can get over excited pretty fast and their nervous reaction to excitement often leads to destruction and in most cases your curtains are the closest thing they can lash out at since your curtains is what is barring their way when they see something interesting outside.  To keep your pet from ruining your curtains you can try the following tricks;

  • Move your couch in front of the window
  • Create an alternative viewing area; perhaps in the side of the window
  • Consider a doggy door so your dog can get out easily
  • Consider shortening your curtains so your dog can easily lift them for easy viewing

Some dogs also love to drag their fur across the curtains or sit on the corners of curtains that are too long.  The result is curtain tears, curtain rod damage or dirty curtains with a lot of pet fur clinging to it. For this you can either shorten your curtains or invest in a spray bottle and squirt at your dog whenever he or she starts using your curtains as a grooming post.

Tips for your cat

Cats love to sharpen their claws against curtains, they love to climb curtains, bite at them and play with flowing curtains.  It is much harder to keep a cat from ruining curtains than a dog because your dog only is lashing out at your curtain because it is in the way where your cat considers your curtain as a way of having fun.  Here are a few tips to get your cat to stop ruining your curtains;

  • Booby trap your curtains so the curtain will fall off when your cat starts to claw at it or climb it. Your cat will get a fright and will keep away at least for a short while.
  • You can also consider a spray bottle filled with water. Squirt at your cat whenever he starts acting out.
  • Provide plenty of alternative scratching and climbing obstacles so your cat won’t feel like the curtains or upholstery is the best place to sharpen nails or claw.
  • You can also clip your cat’s nails to reduce damage to velvet curtains and to prevent climbing.
  • Provide a safe environment so your cat won’t feel the need to run away and climb to feel safer.

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