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Tips for Bathroom Suites

A new bathroom suite is a lovely thing and can really add value to your home and also make your life a lot easier. We have a number of tips here on how to choose one.

Fit With Purpose

The first investment you should make is to buy a tape measure.  It is critical to establish what the available space is as well as what dimensions your products need to be.

To help you with understanding whether a mixer manual or offset quadrant shower is the best for your situation, go to the Bathroom Design Guide site – it will explain all of the pros and cons of various equipment, ranging from cast iron baths to mixer showers.

Free design consultations are offered by many retailers.  It can be quite useful consulting with someone since they most likely will have a good working knowledge of what kinds of furniture as well as other items might be available.  When you are trying to maximize space this can be especially useful.  However, don’t allow yourself to be pressured into getting signed up for things right there on the spot.  Tell them you need to take some time to think about your different options.

If you happen to be technically gifted and love gizmos, you may want to try to do it yourself.  There is a design tool that Google has that can be used for drawing a plan.

Suite Shopping

Your budget needs to be calculated and each individual item needs to have a price assigned to it.  Make a list of all of your necessary items (shower enclosure, shower, sink) in addition to any extras (towel rail, vanity unit, etc) that you want to have.  Keep in mind that there will be additional things that you will need to buy, like cisterns and shower waste systems that might not be included in the price of the main item.  Your budget should be set at the maximum.  Then have a lot of fun trying to beat it and get cheap bathroom suites.

When it comes to selecting your suite, take your time.  Prices can vary greatly and there are so many different options that are available to you.  Visit stores and if the products you are interested in purchasing aren’t in the brochures, take photos of your selected items.

Once you have your spreadsheet of designs and prices prepared, go into stores with the approach that you are ready to bargain with them.

Maximize To Your Advantage

Prepare you talk ahead of time.  Make sure that your salesperson is aware of the fact that you’re in a position for buying, but still are considering products from various sources.

If you are purchasing seven to eight items, don’t mention one or two of the high or medium priced ones since these can be added in later on in an order to get a better deal secured.  As your order grows larger, from the salesperson’s point of view, so does the prospect of getting more business from you.

A good salesperson will ask questions in an attempt to get you to purchase more.  They might, for example, ask you if you are in need of a vanity unit for storing your necessities.  Well if you do, let them know that but then also state that the ones that are in their store appear to be somewhat overpriced when compared with another retailer and see if you might be able to get a discount from them.

On the other hand, if they don’t ask you about other items, then wait until you have received a quote on the products you have chosen and then casually ask, like it was an afterthought, what could be offered if you purchased items X and Y at their store rather than from retailer B.

Additional Money Off

If a store happens to have a price-match policy in place, search online to find the best potential price on your selected item so that you can save even more money.  I was able to use it to good advantage and was able to purchase a great shower unit that had two shower heads, and got the price lowered from  £699 down to £398, since the store was promising a 5% discount on whatever the lowest available price was.

Finally, see if they offer any discounts on trade orders.  You might not have an account with this particular store, but the professional you have employed for fitting your bathroom might have one.  If they place the order for you it could save you up to 15%.

Once you have printed quotes, it’s time for you to consider all of your options.  Visit a competitor’s store and show them the quote you have to see if they are able to beat it.  If you are already happy with whatever products you have selected, then go home so that your last round of negotiations can be planned.

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