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The Laundry List: 7 Tips for Styling Your Laundry

The Laundry List: 7 Tips for Styling Your Laundry

As a person who has just moved into a new home, I can understand trying to make your mark on your new place.

From the kitchen to the bedroom, to your living room, marking your style on each area in your house is what makes many of us feel a sense of comfort and belonging in a new environment.

While each room is set to have a function and styling around that is appropriate, how many of us think about our laundry when it comes to style?

For some, the laundry merely becomes the room to conduct necessary chores that we’d like to avoid and a place of function that becomes bland amongst the rest of the house.

Hence, here are my tips on how you can give your laundry a sense of character without losing its main purpose.

1. Window Coverings

If there is a window in your laundry, it helps to have a shield over any window to keep it private. However, it is best that it still allows in natural light.

One way is to do this with laundry room curtains or a simple double or Venetian blind.

Additionally, they can easily be custom-made to fit the size of the window and done in a colour of your choice.

2. Have Ample Storage

When it comes to your laundry, storage is always in style. While including personality, don’t forget that the room also serves a function.

A broom cupboard to house cleaning items and those such as your vacuum cleaner and ironing board or steam mop allow for a place that is out of the way.

Moreover, extra cupboards overhead and under a sink or trough give you a place for your laundry products and washing baskets.

3. Colour Palette

Upon choosing a colour palette for your laundry, it can be a wise choice to go with the consistent flow of what is already in your house.

For example, if your main wall colour is cream, you can accent it with white subway tiles in the laundry.

Also, as it is a room that will be used for functionality a pastel colour, such as soft green, would be a reasonable fit here.

4. Display Regular Use Items

When it comes to creating charm with your laundry, it can simply be about how you display the items you use.

From your washing powder to your line pegs (if you have space and don’t use a dryer), storing the laundry items you use in those such as transparent canisters can be a nice touch to brighten your laundry.

Moreover, by putting them in easy reach on the bench, you give way for more cupboard space that can be used for those you don’t use so often.

5. Use Texture

When it comes to adding a unique touch, including texture in your laundry can be a simple but great idea.

Whether it is through using wood with the cabinetry doors, to a wicker hamper basket, this can add a further sense of touch to your laundry.

6. A budget Doesn’t Mean Bland

If you’re working on a budget, it doesn’t mean you have to be bland. You can still have a lovely looking laundry, even at a lower cost.

According to “The Block”’s Darren Palmer, “[Laminates] have come a long way in recent years. You can achieve marble or timber looks for a fraction of the price.”

7. Include A Personal Touch

While there’s all the talk about it being a functional space, don’t forget to add a touch of your own. Whether it’s a picture or an accent colour, let it be a room you would physically want to be in, because you’re going to use it.

Therefore, when styling your laundry, remember to balance function with personal taste, because in the end, it should be a pleasing part of the place you live. Good luck!

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