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The Best Maintenance Tips for Your Luxury Velvet Curtains

The Best Maintenance Tips for Your Luxury Velvet Curtains

One of the best reasons to invest in luxury velvet curtains is because these curtains have rather low maintenance requirements.  The fine, yet dense pile of the fabric will remain shiny and beautiful no matter how long your curtains are left hanging. The thickness of velvet fabric also enhances its strength and makes it incredibly durable.

But if you want to make the most out of your luxury curtains and want them to last as long as possible then you should definitely use these fantastic maintenance tips.

Vacuum your curtains every week

Curtains capture a lot of dust on a daily basis.  While velvets do a lot to keep the dust out of your house, they can also get pretty dusty pretty fast.  A great way to keep your curtains refreshed is by simply vacuuming down your luxury curtains every week.  This will keep them cleaner for longer and will revive the pile of the fabric so your curtains look as soft as the moment you first hanged them.

Run your essential oil diffuser once a week

Essential oils are incredible for keeping bad odors out of your house and aromatherapy has some pretty amazing health benefits.  You can also use your essential oil diffuser to keep your velvet curtains from getting that musty smell or any pet odors out of your curtains. Simply start up your diffuser close to your curtains and allow your curtains to absorb that delicious aroma.  The aroma will linger in your house for much longer and your entire home will smell refreshing.

Restore lost sheen

If your velvet curtains don’t look as shiny as they used to be then you can revive that sheen by running a steamer on the reverse side of the curtains.   Dry brush the pile side of the fabric in the same direction and your fabric will once again look incredible.

Keep your pets off!

It is important to keep your pets off your curtains, especially if your fabric pools on the floor.  Cats can also cause irreparable damage to your curtains if they use your curtains to sharpen their nails. It is important to shield your curtains from pets as much as possible.  Get your cat’s claws clipped regularly and invest in a scratch pole or cat jungle gym so your curtains won’t become a point of interest.  A cozy doggy bed can also keep your dog from sleeping on the curtain edges.

Remove pet hair

You can get pet hair off your velvet curtains by putting on a pair of rubber gloves.  Moisten the rubber gloves lightly and run your hands over the curtains.  The rubber gloves will cause static electricity and will draw the pet hair from your curtains.

Dry clean your curtains every three months

Curtains capture a lot of airborne particles like dust, pollen, and smoke.  You should get your curtains properly dry cleaned about every three months.  This will keep your curtains in great condition and can expand the life expectancy of your curtains.

It is quite easy to perform all of these curtain maintenance tasks and by sticking to your regular maintenance schedule your curtains will be in perfect condition for many years to come.

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