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The 101 on Curtain Cleaning

The 101 on Curtain Cleaning

Washing your curtains isn’t the most fun of tasks.  It is quite a challenge to get those heavy curtains down and up again and the last thing you want is to ruin your expensive curtains by washing too frequently, too little or by using the wrong techniques.  If you take good care of your curtains then a single set can last you a very long time.  If your curtains are not exposed to direct sunlight during the day you can easily enjoy a single set of curtains for more than 10 years.

Clean curtains every three months or so

A lot of dust, dust mites, dirt, insects and bacteria can get stuck in curtains, especially if your windows are frequently open to allow some fresh air into the house.  One wash about every three months or so should be enough to keep your curtains nice and clean unless they are obviously dirty due to pets brushing against them and more.

When you may need to clean your curtains more frequently

While cleaning your curtains every three months or so is perfectly fine there are certain setups that might require more frequent washing like the following;

Hypo allergic family members – Family members with lots of allergies and especially dust allergies can easily start to suffer if curtains become too dirty.

Smoking inside the house – Cigarette smoke can quickly make your home smell absolutely terrible because the smoke draws into the curtains.

Living near the beach – Salty sea air can quickly result in a thick layer of grime in your curtains and make them feel sticky, hard and look dirty.

For these conditions you may need to wash your curtains more than once every three months.

Your weekly curtain cleaning routine

This quick weekly routine will greatly combat allergies and dust in your curtains.  Give your curtains a good shake every week to remove loose dust and wait ten minutes before vacuuming the room.

Your monthly curtain cleaning routine

Once every month you can use your vacuum along with a dust brush to suck some of the dust and grime from your curtains so your home can maintain a fresh and dust free odor.

How to wash velvet curtains

Some velvet curtains are machine washable while others need to be dry cleaned.  Check your curtains manufacturing to establish what cleaning method you can use.

Machine washing – Velvet curtains that are machine washable should be washed one panel at a time on a delicate cycle mode with cold water only.  This type of curtain should also never be fumbled in a dryer.  You can hang them back directly on the windows or leave them on a flat surface to air dry.

Dry cleaning – If your dry clean only velvet curtains is old then you can actually try giving them a wash in the washing machine but it is best to drop new dry clean only curtains off at the dry cleaners if you want to use them for a long time to come.

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