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Ten Tips To Keep In Mind When Selling Your Home

Our biggest assets are our homes, it is only natural to hope that we will get a good price for our home and if the circumstances are right it is a possibility. It is however important to understand that if your attitude when you place your property on the market is on of “let’s see how it goes” you will probably not reach the price you expect to.

Would you place your vehicle on sale without having first washed it and spruced it up a bit? Well then wouldn’t it be the same with your home when you are looking to sell?

It is not mere luck that allows a potential buyer to feel a connection with your home, to imagine how their family and lifestyle would fit in; it is about having an environment created that makes it impossible for them to resist.

Having each room in your home in the state in which it is intended to be used is very important. Can you imagine if a potential buyer views a three bedroom home they are considering buying and sees two bedrooms and a storage space, what would their reaction be?

Why do vendors believe that showing potential buyers their home is doing them a favor? Multiple viewings may be needed which can be tiring but must be done at a moment that is convenient to both the vendor and buyer. If I wanted someone to buy my home fast, this is what I would do.

Here are a few simple steps to follow when selling your home in today’s marketplace:

  1. Proper landscaping changes the exterior look of your home and allows you to raise the price. You can do this yourself or hire a qualified landscaper.
  1. The first thing many people notice and is essential to the appeal of the home is your front door. A good paint job with a tasteful color as well as updated outside lights and a couple of potted plants on the sides is very appealing.
  1. The first impression is created at the entrance hall so make sure you are giving off a good one. Neutral colors of paint should be used and any bulky furniture removed, the lighting should be upgraded and if you feel it lacks color it can simply be added with a rug and some accessories.
  1. Make sure you install modern and bright lights being as improper lighting can give off a drab and dark look, you want your home to be up to date and look sunny and cheerful.
  1. Choosing the color of your home’s paint is very personal and it is likely that potential buyers may want to customize the colors so if your home is painted with dark rich colors switch to more natural hues.
  1. Major overhauls especially in the bathrooms and kitchen should be avoided however the lighting can be updated new faucets should be installed.
  1. Absolutely NO clutter! There is no way that you will be able to impress a potential buyer is your home is full of clutter. If you have actually outgrown your home then pack up even if it means putting some items in storage.
  1. On the subject of pets you never know what could happen. Some buyers may adore them, others may hate them and others may even be allergic to them. When the house is being viewed it is best to make sure the pets are not around, this will avoid any unwanted occurrences such as these following examples:

Pet lovers tend to pay more attention to pets then the home itself.

Pet haters do not feel comfortable around pets, they will have their guard up and try to finish the visit to your home as fast as possible.

If a potential buyer is allergic to pets well the allergic reaction in association with your home will not be pleasant. It is important that all your pets’ items be removed, baskets, toys, bowls and most importantly litter boxes.

  1. What is the first thing people notice when they walk into the back yard? An unkempt area? Concrete slabs that are loose? The back garden is a great area to entertain and should look inviting. If you have to invest in some inexpensive outdoor furniture and potted plants and update the outdoor lighting to make it all tie together.
  1. Cleanliness is so important, a potentially buyer wants an immaculate home, one that does not have dust and dirt everywhere. Make sure the take away containers from last nights Chinese are disposed of and all the dishes are washed. Your home should be impeccably clean, it must be a space in which potential buyers can picture themselves and their families living in.

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