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Small apartment living tips for NYC college students

Small apartment living tips for NYC college students

The opportunity to move to NYC for their studies is probably a dream come true for most college students. However, most students have to economize in order to afford to live in this amazing city. So, if you plan to rent a small condo or share a flat, there are ways you decorate your home and make the most out of the limited space you have at your disposal. Hence, we have collected a few small apartment living tips for NYC college students to help you make your new place as comfy and stylish as possible.

The vibe your new NYC home exudes can influence your academic success and personal wellbeing big time. And needless to say – it is important to feel at ease in the apartment where you plan to spend a lot of time studying and socializing. In fact, the way your living space looks can be a huge influencing factor on your mood and productivity. As a result, you may face the challenge of staying organized and composed in a room or condo that is much smaller than what you may be used to. So, let’s take a look at the decorative tricks that can help you improve your small New York apartment.

Small apartment living tips

Your small NYC apartment can be a cozy place where you can spend your student life comfortably.

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Use the walls as much as you can

Adhesive wall hooks, hangers, and shelves are an NYC college student’s best friend. No matter how small your room may be, placing well-proportioned shelves or hooks can make your living space organization more than manageable. Hence, you will be able to store easily cluttered items such as jewelry, books, and shoes without compromising the spatial integrity of your small apartment. You will also be able to decorate the room with plants or interesting artworks you can hang vertically with the help of these elements. Just make sure that the shelves are attachable with heavy-duty adhesive strips to avoid drilling nails into the walls.

Furthermore, hooks and shelves are easy to place as well as remove off the walls. This property is a lifesaver if you ever feel like switching things up in your NYC apartment. Some dorms and landlords even expect you to use these as they do not leave any marks on the walls.

Also, if you decide to move to a new apartment in New York, the relocation will be much easier because you won’t have to carry over large or heavy pieces of furniture to your new place. Even if you are moving within the same neighborhood such as the Bronx, the heavy traffic and heavy lifting can pose a considerable challenge for you. So, if you happen to need help with transporting your belongings to, from, or within Bronx, you can always rely on experienced and inexpensive residential movers to help you out. Luckily, Bronx offers many options in terms of moving companies, even in last-minute situations, so you don’t have to worry that you will miss out on lectures because you have to move to a new place as soon as possible.

Don’t purchase big or heavy pieces of furniture

In fact, be sure to steer clear of bulky dressers or wardrobes, especially if they are made of solid wood. These elements are very difficult to carry up and down narrow corridors and staircases of NYC buildings. Of course, you can always find a professional moving company that can help you carry any amount of furniture that you possess. However, you probably do not want to waste too much money on relocation.

Small apartment living tips

Buildings in New York are notorious for their narrow hallways, doors, and staircases.

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Be sure to think ahead and choose both your furniture and your moving company wisely. Luckily, an NYC moving company database such as can help you find a competent moving crew while staying within your modest college student budget.

Keep your desk organized

You will most probably spend a lot of time studying at your desk. Yet, once exam week kicks in, it can be tempting to slip into disarray. This is fine, of course, but in order to keep your morale and productivity levels high, it is important that you do not make a habit out of it.

As you will soon see, you will have to make an effort to keep things as tidy as possible most of the time. Small apartments tend to look messy even if it is only your desk that is untidy. Furthermore, the myriad of textbooks, notes, and assignments will pile up incredibly fast. Hence, it really helps if you have a certain self-imposed organizational standard in relation to your desk (and everything else in the apartment, for that matter).

Keeping the kitchen tidy and clean is one of the most valuable small apartment living tips for NYC college students

Most students in NYC live in some type of shared accommodation, be it a shared apartment, house, or residence hall. This means that you will probably share the kitchen space with other people. This means that you will have to make an effort and keep your food, plates, and coffee mugs in the designated cabinet space.

Small apartment living tips

Small and/or shared kitchens should be kept clean.

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If your kitchen is clean and organized, not only will you avoid having confrontations with other people, you will also be more inclined to cook meals for yourself in your cozy, squeaky-clean kitchen. Likewise, it makes sense to pay attention to the design concept of your small kitchen. An inviting kitchen means you will spend less money on ordering food, which will improve both your finances and your nutrition.

Using the space under the bed for storage

Use every nook and cranny of your accommodation wisely – including your bed. For college students in NYC, every square inch is valuable real estate. So, aside from regular decluttering and living small, you ought to be effective and make use of every single spot in your dorm room or apartment.

There is a number of ways you can turn your under-the-bed space into a fully functional storage space. Flexible fabric bags are great for storing winter clothing. Rolling storage boxes and drawers are even more versatile – you can store books, clothes, appliances, shoes… One of the ultimate small apartment living tips for NYC college students is to install your bed high above the floor in order to maximize storage space.

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