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Six Tips For Maintaining an Organized Closet

Organizing your closet ensures your bedroom is tidier, your home is more appealing your clothes are easier to find. So, if it’s a wonder to you how people manage to do so – follow these tips.

  1. Do an Inventory of What You Currently Have in Your Closet

Yes, many an expert has droned on about this on TV, it is however true. If a closet is hiding items that have not seen the light of day since the Bush father administrations, it can never really be organized.

Unloading all of your closets contents, regardless of how painful a process it may seem to be, will provide you with an honest perspective of what is hiding in the cracks and corners. Throw away or donate what you do not need and start over again. This act in itself will free you from having loads of useless things that crowd what is of value to you and only weighs you down.

Once you are certain of what you want to hold on to, adjust your shelves accordingly, this sliding doors closet system which was designed by Armadi Closets is the perfect example. Towel bars affixed to the door as seen in step two offer a higher level of efficiency, so do the baskets that are ideal for storing smaller objects to prevent them from getting lost.

  1. Use Any Available Wall or Door Space

Sections of inside of doors or on walls that are empty are ideal locations for hooks, towel bars or dowels, for example this tie collection that is an artistic example created by Cantoni Design. Tip: You do not need elaborate hardware for it to work. You may have all that you need sitting right there in your garage. What you have to make sure of is that the hardware is the correct size to bear the weight of what it will be holding.

  1. Add Lighting

If you want to be able to find things in your closet, lighting is key and yet many times there is not enough of it. More modern homes may have on overhead light that is barely helpful and homes that are older may not have any light at all. Although the best option would be to have an electrician add shelf lighting, however in is a momentum killer and is not cheap. What you can do instead is used screw-in or stick-on battery-operated LED light on every shelf; this will give you the same results at a cheaper price.

  1. Keep Similar Items Together

View the closets in your bedroom as you would your desk files. If your desk files were not organized in some kind of comprehensive manner, such as by client name, date, order of urgency, etc. you would never get your job done at work.

The same goes for your closet, the objective however are slightly different. The closet provides you with what you need to get out of the house as efficiently as possible while looking your best. The best way to achieve this is by grouping similar items together, for example by styles, colors, occasions, uses, etc. this will speed up your morning hunt for an outfit.

  1. Invest in High Quality Hangers that Match

Finding garments is made easier by hanger uniformity; it keeps all of your clothing at the same level. It always decreases the chaotic look that dissimilar hanger collection often times give to a close.

Tip: Toss the wire hangers from the dry cleaners that over the years you have accumulated. They are not the best for your clothing, over time they tend to bed out of shape and they make shoulder dents in your clothing. You dry cleaner will probably take the hangers back and reuse them if they are in good shape.

The best hangers to use are high quality metal, plastic or wood. Regardless of your preference, it is important that they are durable and can take on the type and weight of the clothes that you will be using them for. For example, you will need stronger hangers for snow clothes than for blouses.

  1. Allow Yourself to Use the Tippy-Top Shelves

Granted not everyone is tall, however for even us short people we should have access to the full dimensions of our closets. This type of access is promoted in this closet by Josh Brown with the use of a rolling ladder.

If installing the needed components for a rolling ladder is something that you are not interested in, then invest in a cool stool. They are pretty easy to fine, not very expensive, and when it comes to accessing those spaces that otherwise would be out of reach taunting those of us who are vertically challenged, they make all the difference in the world.

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