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Remove Pet Hair from Velvet Curtains with These Tips

It is absolutely glorious to include your furry little friend in everyday family life.  Pets bring so much joy to the family.  They are fantastic companions, great friends, they make us feel comfortable, they cheer us up when we are sad and they do hilarious things to make our day. There is also no better stress reducer than cuddling with your tiny – or big – furry friend.  But indoor pets have one major downside.  Their fur clings to everything.  Pet hair will cling to your clothes, upholstery, carpets and even to your curtains.  Removing pet hair can be a nightmare if you don’t use the right techniques and that is exactly why we are going to share the best tips to get your velvets pet hair free.

Why pet hair gets stuck on your curtains

Your curtains might be hanging but that doesn’t mean that they are immune to pet hair.  This is because pets and especially cats love to rub against soft velvety curtains and they are frequently excited by what they see outside.  A lot of pets also love to snuggle against your luxury velvet curtains in a sunny spot and pet hair is easily swept up wind.

Washing is a big no!

If you ever tried brushing pet hair from your home interior then you probably know just how futile this action is. The next step is usually to load your curtains into the washing machine for a good wash.  This is the worst possible mistake you can make with any fabric that has pet hair. It is an especially big mistake with velvets since many of velvet curtains are not machine washable.  When you wash pet hair with fabrics the pet hair can will get stuck into the fibers a lot deeper and it will become an impossible task to get pet hair removed.

Rubber is the golden tool

Before you take down your curtains go and get a rubber tool.  A pair of rubber gloves or a rubber brush can work. Rubber works best because it creates static electricity that draws out pet hair.  You can even moisten your rubber tool to catch even more pet hair. Simply rub down all the hairy bits and your gloves or rubber brush will instantly catch most hair.

Alternative options

If you don’t have a rubber brush or rubber gloves then you can also try these methods;

  • Use a damp sponge to catch some of the pet hair.
  • Spray a mixture of fabric softener and water onto the curtain and wipe off.

Pick out the leftovers

When most pet hair have been removed from your quality velvet curtains you will have to pick out the remaining few with a tweezer.  Dip your tweezer in water between pickings to collect the hair.

Once all pet hair has been removed you can either keep using your curtains or get them refreshed with a good clean. Getting rid of pet hair is challenging and time consuming even with the best tools.  The best solution is to keep your curtains pet hair free so you won’t have to do any unnecessary tasks that might wear down your luxury curtains.

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