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7 Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Set of Luxury Curtains

7 Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Set of Luxury Curtains

The right look for your windows can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your home.  With the right type of curtaining, you can add a lot of glamour and to a room and create vibes that vary from warm and cozy to chilled and sleek.  It is however quite a challenge to pick the right type of curtains for each room.  Good quality curtaining doesn’t come cheap either which is exactly why you want to check out these 7 tips to help you find the best possible match for every room in your home.

  1. Consider the purpose

The main purpose of hanging curtains in a specific room can help you make the right decision.  Are you choosing curtains to add a bit of color to a dull room? Do you need curtains specifically for privacy and security?  Are you looking for a way to create a dark room so you can take naps during the day?  The main purpose of your curtaining is probably the most important thing to remember when you are making your choices.

  1. Consider the color or pattern

Take some time to consider the color and pattern of your curtains because color can have a huge impact on the overall look of a room especially since they take up a large amount of visual space.  Choose colors that will suit your furniture, upholstery and wall paint well.  Use paint color pallets or sample fabrics and hold them up against the wall or against your furniture if you have a hard time at choosing.

  1. Consider the size

Your curtains should be at least double the width of the window.  This is important even if your curtains are closed most of the time.  The extra width will create a much richer and more elegant look.  You should also mind the length of your curtaining.  For a warmer and more luxurious look, you can choose curtains that will pool on the floor.  For a sleek and functional look, choose curtains that are just the right length.

  1. Consider your hardware

Find curtains that match your curtain rods.  This is a very important tip because you don’t want to end up replacing all your rods just because you chose the wrong type of curtain.

  1. Consider the fabric type

The right type of fabric can make a lot of difference in a room.  Velvets are fantastic for luxury, privacy, elegance, and class.  These curtains are, however, mostly uniform in color which means they can be a bit plain or heavy for some kids rooms.

  1. Consider the finishing touches

A few finishing touches like tousles, buckles or tiebacks can make a huge difference in the functionality and overall look of your curtains.   Consider these extras when you are choosing the right curtains.

  1. Buy quality

Buying from a quality brand like Lushes Curtains is by far the best possible choice you can make.  These curtains are much higher in quality, much more durable and you are guaranteed to enjoy curtaining that is great value for money.

With these tips in mind you should be able to make the right decision with regards to your curtaining.  Careful consideration is the best way to save you from wasting money on the wrong type of curtains.

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