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Marking Advice For Professionals: How Homebuilders Can Use Instagram To Their Advantage

Social media has the potential to be a great marketing tool. In particular, Instagram is very beneficial for homebuilders. Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform; as a professional, you can upload images and clips to draw in customers and give them an idea of what you do. If you want to improve the social media marketing for your business, there are several ways that Instagram can help. Take the following tips to heart, and start taking advantage of everything that Instagram can do to help you succeed.

  1. Show How Your Business Operates

People like to know all those little details about how your business is run. Therefore, put up media content of you and your staff at work. This will show users what you are all about and allow them to connect with you. It is a good idea, for example, to make a short clip introducing yourself and what you do. You can do the same for each of your staff members as well.

  1. Get A Close Up

If you want to get noticed on Instagram, your pictures have to stand out. Therefore, you can’t just take a quick, generic picture of your work and leave it at that. Instead, zero in on the aspects of the project that make it particularly special. Snap a close up of those details so that anyone that comes across your Instagram page can see what makes your business unique. Doing so will help your account to get more attention. Another good way to do so is to add more Instagram followers to make your account look bigger than it already is.

  1. Let People See What You Are Doing

As you construct a new property, take pictures and videos as the process goes along. Followers will be interested to see how everything comes together, and this is also a good way to showcase your unique skills. Since this will be a series of posts that are all tied together, come up with a hashtag that you use in each of your uploads.

  1. Chronicle Events

Are you doing something special related to your business? Post about it on Instagram! Both pictures and videos are appropriate; they allow followers to share in what you are doing even if they are not at the event. Tag as many people as you can in your images to help engage your local community.

  1. Come Up With A Contest

Do you really want to draw your followers in and get them to interact with your account? Why not come up with a picture contest! You can utilize both Facebook and Instagram to make your contest a success.

  1. Take Advantage Of Filters

If you want your images to stand out among all the great snaps on Instagram, you have to use filters. There are a lot of different ones to choose from, so look for something that works with the type of photos that you have. For example, if the materials you are working with are rustic, try out Rise. If you are working with a modern construction, go with Hudson instead. You can also highlight special details with Inkwell, which is a filter that makes your images black and white.

  1. Make Use of Hashtags

If you want people to be able to find your images, you have to use hashtags.

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