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Increase the Interest in Your Garden with These Tips

There are many ways to provide lighting to your outdoor areas to add drama and interest to your landscape. Continue reading to learn some ways to add interest to your garden.

Evergreen conifers look amazing when a spotlight placed at ground level and pointed upwards. For best results, place the spotlight as close to the base as possible to highlight the shape of the tree from top to bottom.

String lights is a great way to turn an area into a magical wonderland. String your lights around the branches and boughs of a mature tree to have the trees sparkling. The low wattage of string lights can create a stunning visual effect in your lawn. This type of lighting is perfect for celebrations or anytime you wish to light up the garden.


Solar lights are another great option to light your landscape. It can often be difficult to power the necessary lights to light up your garden area. With solar powered lights, you can forget about the wiring. These lights have batteries that harness the power of the sun and store that power until it is time for the lights to glow. Solar outdoor lights come in a variety of styles, making them the perfect choice for homeowners who love to entertain outside. As solar technologies have advanced, the lighting choices have also. Solar powered lights can be moved to almost any location, making them great additions to the landscape.


Under lighting plants showcase their unique shapes and structures. Bamboo, topiaries and shrubs are perfect choices for this type of lighting, especially if they are planted near a wall. As the light filters through the branches of the plants, it creates interest on your wall.


Get your garden ready for your guest by having a number of seating choices. Finally, planters, pergolas, sculptures and arbours make wonderful focal points within the garden and encourage exploration of your gardens.

Large Outdoor Water Fountains can be a lovely addition to the garden, supplying a nice sound, a nice visual feature and even a place for pets to drink from. They may also add value to your home and will certainly be a talking point among visitors.


As you can see, there are many easy ways to add interest to your garden. Use a combination of string lights, uplights and downlights to create visual interest in the garden.

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