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How to Prevent Bugs From Ruining Your Curtains

How to Prevent Bugs From Ruining Your Curtains

Having to deal with bugs is always an unpleasant experience! Just thinking about it will make you cringe. For most people, it is definitely an icky and tiresome job. However, you are left with no choice because if you do not act fast, a few bugs in your curtain can turn into a pile of bugs that can do even more harm!

Aside from being an unwelcome visitor in the house, bugs are all the harder to deal with due to their small size—especially when it comes to common insects that you find in your home. They are difficult to find therefore extremely difficult to eliminate.

Exterminating bugs can be a tedious job but do not worry! There are techniques you can use to stop them from ruining your beautiful curtains! Here are 4 useful tips!

  1. Wash the curtains regularly

Keeping your curtains clean is the key to prevent bugs from infesting your curtains! The combination of water, temperature, and detergent is deadly to them. All the remaining bugs and eggs that were recently laid will be wiped out.

Let’s start at the very beginning. Once you’ve taken down the curtains infested with bugs, it’s time to wash them! Here are some guidelines before washing your curtain:

  • Seal up your curtain in a plastic bag.
  • Take the curtain to the machine and put it inside.
  • Get another bag and put it inside of the other bag, this makes the remaining bugs fall out to the plastic bag.
  • Launder away!

  1. Use a vacuum to clean your curtain

When vacuuming the curtain, make sure to absorb up all the bugs and eggs that are embedded to the curtain then dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag to prevent bugs from crawling back.

  1. Expose the curtain to sunlight

Bugs love to hang out in the dark! They’re sensitive to their environment and you can use it to your advantage. By exposing the curtain in sunlight, you’re making the bugs irritated and this will trigger them to move out and find a new place to hang out. Not only that, but they will get irritated, and some of the eggs may hatch prematurely reducing their population.

  1. The freezer method

Before jumping to this method, make sure you have vacuumed your curtain thoroughly and have removed as many bugs as possible. Also, consider the fabric of your curtain. If the fabric can withstand the cold of the freezer, then go for it! Otherwise, the fabric might get damaged. Do not try this method if your curtain is not suitable for cold temperatures. You will end up destroying your curtain before the bugs do!

Put your curtain in your freezer and set it at about 0 degrees Fahrenheit or -17 degrees Celsius. Let it stay for 4 days to make sure the bugs and their eggs are killed in a mini blizzard. If you want to shorten the time, put the freezer to a colder temperature to accelerate the freezing process but be extra cautious about your curtain.

If you find that exterminating the bugs yourself is a task too difficult to handle on your own, it is always a good idea to be safe and reach out to a specialist for help. You can hire a pest control professional to keep the bugs away and keep your curtains in tip-top shape.

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