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How to Make Your own Curtains With Grommet Eyelets

It may sound a bit intimidating to make your own home design curtains with grommet eyelets, but in truth this is a do-it-yourself project that is fairly simple, and best of all, it’s something most people can accomplish in a single afternoon. Anyone who knows how to use a tape measure, a sewing machine, and an iron should have no trouble in assembling some beautiful and elegant designer curtains which rival just about anything you see in the department stores.

Grommet curtains can be made very easily without using a lot of fabric, they are very easy to install, and they can be made to perfectly complement the interior design of any and all rooms throughout your household. Once you try making a set of grommet eyelet curtains, they will become a great source of pride for you, and you’ll want to continue on with your new curtain making skills.

Making grommet curtains

  • The tape measure comes into play right away, since you need to measure the width of the area you intend to cover with curtains. Whatever that number is, you should multiply it times 1-1/2 so that you include more fluffiness in your curtains. Then you should divide that number by two, because you want to have two curtain panels which meet in the middle, for even coverage. For instance, if the coverage area is 60 inches, the fluffiness factor would make that 90 inches, which means you need two 45-inch panels of fabric.
  • To determine the height of your coverage area, simply measure the vertical coverage distance and add 10 inches, so for instance, 80 inches of vertical coverage would end up being 90 inches in fabric height.
  • When purchasing fabric to match the dimensions of your measurements, it’s probably a good idea to buy something a little longer than the actual measurements, just for safety’s sake.
  • The next step is to hem the top and bottom of your panels, and for this 4 inches should be sufficient. Fold-over one half inch of material and iron it flat, and use sewing pins to keep the hem in place temporarily, then fold it over again, measuring out 4 inches.
  • Once you’ve done this for both top and bottom, you can sew those hems permanently with a simple straight stitch. Then you can repeat the process for your side hems, again using a 4-inch measurement for the hems.
  • After you’ve stitched your side hems, you have actually finished the part of the process dealing with the fabric itself, and are ready for the grommets. These usually come in eight-packs and you’ll need one pack for each panel.
  • Measure out and mark on the curtain the exact spot where grommets will go on the back of your curtain’s top hem, being careful to place each grommet’s center 2 inches from the edge.
  • Place each grommet an equal distance apart from it’s neighbor, measuring and marking places for all eight grommets, then cut out the holes for them using a Grommet Hand Tool.
  • Once you have all your holes cut, install your grommets one by one, using the grommet hand tool and metal grommet eyelets. Please view the video below on how to properly install the metal grommet eyelets using the grommet hand tool.

Repeat this process for all grommets to be installed on both panels – and you’re all done! All that remains is to step back and admire your handiwork.

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