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How to Light a Dining Room?

How to Light a Dining Room?

As a key aspect for creating atmosphere in your dining room, lighting should be carefully chosen and adjusted to perfectly complement, and balance your dining experience. Proper lighting will impress, and flatter your guests, as well as elevate your cooking.

So without further delay, here are some useful tips for lighting your dining room area.

Balanced light

As with any other decoration, balance is the key when it comes to lighting too. A single chandelier or a small pendant will likely not provide good enough lighting in your room. Try to think of layering the light, as tricky as it sounds.

This can be done by installing a mix of general lighting and accent lighting. There are options such as track, monorail, and recessed lighting, all designed to bring focus to any decoration element you desire. In combination with general lighting, this truly works wonders.

It also brings a cool 3-dimensional feel to your room, making it seem less flat, and basic.

Lighting should follow the dining table

Contrary to popular belief, lighting should follow the style of the table rather than the style of the rest of the dining room. The science behind this is that when you sit with your guests around the table, the rest of the room should fade away. What this does is that it creates a special intimate atmosphere when having dinner with your friends, or family. The dimming will make your dining table set look really special.

This also means that a chandelier or pendants should hang 30 to 35 inches above the table.

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Chandelier or pendants?

This is where many people get confused and make a mistake.

Deciding between these two shouldn’t be too difficult as long as you follow the rule of picking the lighting according to the table. So for example if you have a long table, you can go for a row of pendants.

For a small, round table, a small or mini chandelier would be an excellent option, as it is complementary to this.


Crystorama 12 Lights Mini Chandelier by

For large, luxurious tables, a large chandelier would work best.


Schonbek 8 Light Crystal Chandelier by LightingMiami

Also, people have a mindset that chandeliers are too costly and can’t afford buying one for their dining room, while this is true in general, but there are so many chandeliers design crafted with perfect elegance especially for dining room that are very much affordable.

Buying a chandelier need not have to be tricky for your dining room or any room where you desire to hang it. You need to consider a few important things like theme, light bulb types for chandeliers, size and shape, materials and size of the room.


A lot of people get stuck in a dilemma whether to use this awesome feature or not. The answer is simple: definitely yes. A dimmer assures you that you will have appropriate light for any activity, as a dining table can double as a kids homework desk, which requires stronger light, and when having an intimate dinner with your loved ones, dimming the light, helps create that cozy atmosphere.

Be dramatic

Lighting a dining room is a perfect opportunity to put across your home décor style statement, and create an unforgettable experience for your guests. Some might get scared of potentially ruining the atmosphere by being overly dramatic, creating a tasteless style, but if you are careful, you shouldn’t have issues with this. Of course this doesn’t automatically mean that you have to empty your wallet in order to do so, as there are many quirky modern chandeliers available.


Sometimes you will need a strong, glaring light, and at other times, this type of lighting will be too overwhelming. You can fix this problem by choosing to layer your lighting.

More than one light source allows you to give yourself the ability to choose and change the entire atmosphere of the room. Combining a chandelier with a couple of other light fixtures around the dining room, such as a table lamp on the side, or some wall candles, can work wonders. Your mood changing fixtures will surely impress your guests.

So now you have the basic tips on how to properly light your dining room. Remember to choose the proper type and always keep the lighting layered to give yourself more options.

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