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How to Get Your Home Sold Quickly

If you are putting your home on the market, you will want it to sell quickly. This article is filled with tips to help maximize your sales price and minimize the number of days your home is on the market.

Get Your Home Ready to Sell

Most sellers are searching for a property to purchase themselves, which can slow down the sale of your property. Having a place to go, such as an apartment with a month to month lease or a family member, can ensure that you can move out quickly. You can also be ready to purchase a property when your home sales. This means that you have visited a mortgage lender and have been approved for a home loan on your next home. While your home is on the market, you should be searching to find a new home. Approximately 30 percent of real estate deals fall through. Being prepared to move quickly will decrease the risk of a deal on your property falling through.

Have All Paperwork in Order

Gather all documents, including building regulation certificates, boiler warranties, door and window certificates, your home’s Energy Performance Certificate and any other legal documents to help speed up the sale of your property. If you do not have a valid Energy Performance Certificate, find out if your agent offers this service and have them to complete one. Otherwise, have one done.

First Impressions Are Vital

When a buyer visits your home, they will decide if they like your home within a few minutes. This is why it is essential that your home has great curb appeal. Tidy up your lawn, paint a fresh coat of paint on your door, and place some colorful flowers on your porch to make your home more inviting. Walk across the street and take a look to make sure everything is in order.

Depersonalize Your Home

When a potential buyer looks at your home, they will try to imagine themselves living there. If you have personal items on display, such as family photos, trophies, etc., it can prevent them from visualizing themselves there. Furthermore, depersonalizing your home will cut down on clutter and make your home appear larger. Here are some good tips on how to depersonalise your home

Grab Your Toolbox

Updating your home can add value to your property. Painting your walls a neutral color will help to maximize your property value and make it ready for a new homeowner. You may want to update your appliances if they are older and change out your plumbing fixtures. Both of these items can increase the market value of your property and make selling your home easier.

Choose Wisely When Selecting an Agent

Check out your local real estate guide to determine which agents are performing well. Then, choose three different agents and request a valuation. While they are at your home, ask questions about their marketing strategies, the average time it takes to sell a property, etc. This is a great time to get to know each agent and determine if they are the right agent for you. You want a real estate agent who has the skill and knowledge to promote your property and get it sold quickly. Businesses such as can take your home off your hands and ensure you get a good price for your property.

Get a Sitter for Your Pets

If your home will be shown, it is important to get any pets out of the home. Ask a family member or friend if they will pet sit while the home is being shown as some buyers will have an aversion to pets.

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