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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Curtains

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Curtains

Bed bugs are those disgusting, flat, reddish tiny insects. Their small sizes make it easy for them to reside undetected in furniture, beds, and chairs. But sometimes, they pick up residence in strange places like curtains.

During the day, they spend most of their time resting. But at night, these hideous insects come out in droves to suck blood from humans. They need this blood meal to grow, molt and reproduce.

While biting, they secrete a tiny amount of anesthesia and an anticoagulant into your body so that you feel no pain. Only after some time do you notice small red bumps on your skin. Although bed bugs are not known to spread diseases, their bite can cause irritations – and is unsanitary.

All Star Animal Trapping specializes in bed bug control. And in this post, we share some of our best tips for getting rid of bed bugs in curtains.

Why Are There Bed Bugs in Your Curtains?

If you have bed bugs in your curtain, chances are you have a severe infestation problem. Why is that? Because in most instances, bed bugs like to reside in primarily stationary locations in proximity to humans for easy access to blood. This makes bed, chairs, and carpets perfect spots.

However, when the bed bug population multiples, they begin to invade new territories. Since they are great climbers, some will ascend from the base of the curtain to reside within the fabric. Sometimes, they will live within the curtain rod.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs in Curtains

Bed bugs are tough to deal with. That’s why a multifaceted approach is required to eliminate these pesky insects. This section highlights the steps you need to get rid of them. Here is a great resource at to learn more about how to get rid of bed bugs.

  • Inspection

Before taking any action, you have to be sure your curtains are infested. Thoroughly inspect your curtain fabric, paying close attention to the edges.

  • Bag up the curtain

Once you’ve sighted a few bed bugs, you know you have an infestation problem. The next step is to take down the curtain and seal it up in a bag. That will ensure that the bed bugs do not escape to other regions of the house

  • Wash in a washing machine

The next step is to wash the fabric in a washing machine. But before that, put the sealed bag in the machine before bringing out the curtain. Then place that plastic bag into another bag and seal it off before disposing of it.

You can then wash the fabric at a temperature higher than 118°F. The heat from the washing chamber, coupled with the poisoning effect of the detergent, in addition to the drowning effect of the water, work together to kill all bed bugs.

  • Inspect and re-install the curtain

Once you take out the curtain, do a final inspection to ensure there are no bed bugs there. You can then install the curtain back. Just make sure that the curtain doesn’t touch the floor, so new bed bugs don’t climb up.

  • Get rid of bed bugs from your house

As noted earlier, if you have bed bugs in your curtains, there’s a strong chance they are in other places of your home. To ensure that new bed bugs don’t find their way into your curtains, you need to remove them from your house. Check out the best way to do that in the following subheading.

Bed Bug Control Experts

Bed control professionals make use of several methods to eliminate bed bugs. But most use pesticide spray or heat treatment.

When using pesticides, they spray the poisonous liquid throughout your house, focusing on places bed bugs congregate. The liquid kills the insects on contact, and its effect lingers, killing the nymphs as they hatch.

Under the heat treatment, the professional will raise the temperature of your house to around 140 degrees. Bed bugs cannot survive this temperature.

Wrap Up

Bed bugs in the curtain is usually an indication of a wider infestation problem. That’s why you need to take actions not only to get them out of your curtains but also from your house.

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