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How to Dip Dye Your Old Velvet Curtains for a Fresh New Look

How to Dip Dye Your Old Velvet Curtains for a Fresh New Look

It is always sad to see your luxury velvet curtains fade over time.  There are so many things that can affect the color of your curtains.  The sun is one of the biggest contributing factors to fading.  Sunlight and UV rays burn the color pigment right out of your curtains and can result in uneven fading marks – and there is just nothing you can do about it.

But fading or dulling curtains isn’t all bad.

These older curtains can give you an opportunity to be creative and bold because you can refurbish your curtains.

Dip dye is incredibly popular right now

Dip dye colors are a very trendy color at the moment because you can give your home the all popular ombre look.  When you dip dye your curtains you can not only refresh the dull look of old curtains but you also create a look for your home that is completely unique.

How to dip-dye velvet curtains

To master the dip-dye curtain effect you will have to follow a few simple steps.  The goal is to create a curtain that gradually fades or changes in color.

Choose the color – The first step is to choose the right color with which to refresh your curtains.  Choose a color that matches your old curtains.  It doesn’t have to be the same color but the color should be harmonious.  For white or light shaded curtains you aren’t restricted to color at all bur for other colored curtains it might be wise to stick to relatively the same color scheme but a darker color.

Decide on your angle – Are you going for a darker look for the bottom of your curtains?  Perhaps you would like to dye the top part of your curtains and allow them to fade towards the bottom?

Buy your dye – It is important to invest in a good quality dye for your curtains.  Jacquard iDye is an amazing dye to consider because they really cling and give an even color.  You can even mix and match these dyes to create a unique color.

Get your supplies – Get a big tub and follow the instructions on the dye package.  Different dies have different methods to prepare the concentrate.

Moisten your curtains – Next you will have to moisten your curtains before sinking it into the tub.

Dyeing area – Set up your tub with the mixture and create a hanging space for the curtain.  A good idea is to use the shower and shower curtain rod for hanging.

Add the fabric – Insert your fabric into the dye and let it hang at that chosen height for about 15 minutes.

Increase dye – Add more dye to your mixture and adjust the height of your curtain by hoisting it higher around the shower curtain rod.  Let it hang for another 15 minutes.  Keep repeating this step until you reach the end of your fabric.

Rinse – Rinse your curtain properly.

Wash – Wash your dyed curtain at a gentle setting.

If you followed the correct dyeing steps you should now have an ombre curtain that looks amazing.  This is a fantastic technique for spicing up old velvet curtains and for combating those uneven fading marks made by the sun.

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