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How to Create Your Own Photo Booth

Nothing seems to capture the attention of party-goers so much as a Photo Booth placed at the event for everyone’s use. One of the things that make special events so special is the fact that they can be commemorated in pictures, and these are often saved for very long periods of time, being regularly reviewed and reminisced over.

Photo booths also provide partiers with an extra opportunity for having fun, either as a single, a couple, or with a whole group of participants. Whereas photo booths used to be the exclusive domain of carnivals and the like, they are now frequently set up at just about any special event, including nightclubs, theaters, studios, weddings, gentlemen’s clubs, festivals, corporate outings, and even birthday parties.

For a one-time event, you might want to contract with a photo booth company to have a unit or two installed somewhere on the premises of your event, or you could assemble a do-it-yourself photo booth that you could purchase and keep for future special occasions. Here’s how to go about creating your own photo booth.

Photo booth assembly

The construction materials for your photo booth will be usually be shipped in a rectangular box five or six feet long, and after unloading the materials from the box in your garage or assembly area, you can begin assembling your do-it-yourself photo booth. Several kinds of photo booths have collapsible framework, which makes it very easy to assemble and disassemble the structure as needed, and the accordion-style corner supports facilitate easy assembly and easy putaway.

  • Step one– stretch out the bottom portion of the framework on all four sides until they click into place, at which time they are locked
  • Step two– mount the curtain rods on top of the four bottom-side framework poles
  • Step three– add the curtains for all four sides on to the curtain rods, and smooth out the curtains on each side so there are no wrinkles or overlapping folds
  • Step four– from each of the four bottom-side poles, extend the inner poles up to their maximum height (about 8 ft), and lock into place
  • Step five– mount background curtain rod between the two rear pole supports
  • Step six– hang the background curtain on the curtain rod
  • Step seven– add one or two chairs in front of the background curtain
  • Step eight– mount Lights on either side of photo booth
  • Step Nine – Set up a complete DIY Selfie Photo Booth Kit

This whole process should take less than half an hour for a person working alone, and less time than that when two people are working together. If the photo booth will be setup in an outdoor location, it would be advisable to tie down each of the four support posts with strong lines, and sink them into the ground like tent pegs. With very little work, and relatively little expense, a do-it-yourself photo booth can be setup almost anywhere, and can literally be the life of the party.

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