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How To Correctly Hang Rod Pocket Top Curtains

How To Correctly Hang Rod Pocket Top Curtains

When hanging your Rod Pocket top Curtains. All there is to is getting double to two-and-a-half-times the width of the space you are trying to cover. Just really depends on how much pleat (gather) you’re looking for. So For example let say You are trying to cover a window that measures 10ft wide, so all you would need is a large panel (curtain) of either 20ft wide or Two panels (curtains) that measure 10ft wide each. The amount of panels really depends on you, if you want to have an opening in the middle or completely cover the entire window with just one large panel, is completely up to you to decide. Single large panels are mainly used for sliding doors that only close to one side and two panels look much better when used to cover up windows. By going with double to two-and-a-half-times the width of the space you are trying to cover, will provide you with a complete full pleat (gather). Just as shown on the image below:

custom-and-ready-made-cotton-velvet-curtain-panels-by-lushes-curtainsAs far as getting the correct height for you curtain panel goes. This really depends on where YOU want the Panel to Start and where You Want the Panel to end. We recommend you hang your curtains from the very top, where the rod hits the ceiling, coming down from the ceiling or 1 to 2 inches from the ceiling, So this way your curtains will get the best look possible once hung and will give the effect of your window being much more larger. This However really depends on the size of the window, look and feel you’re going for.

Please take a look at the following image so you know what we mean:

How To Correctly Hang Rod Pocket Top Curtains

When it comes to measuring and getting a complete full pleat (gather), it’s very simple.

So lets say for EXAMPLE you want Two panels to cover a regular size window, as shown above and you want the panels to Start from Top of The Rod to the Baseboard ( about 2 to 3 inches off the floor). So you Measure the distance from these two and lets say it measures 96″ high (8ft h). So there you go, you got your height now lets get the correct width. As far as Width Goes you measure the width from bracket to bracket or end to end of the curtain rod you plan in using. Once you get the total width and lets say it measures 5ft wide (60″w) , to keep it simple. Now you have a space that needs covering of 5’w x 8’h. So to cover this exact space and get a full pleat (gather), you need to get TWO Panels of 5’w x 8’h or ONE large panel of 10’w x 8’h.

Hope this little explanation helps how to correctly hang rod pocket top curtains. Here is a Video that further explains in detail!

Now Let me Give you guys Another Example when trying to cover a large Area and want to use the panel as a Room divider or Stage Backdrop, when ordering a Curtain Panel that Comes with a Rod Pocket Top.

It’s basically the same concept as covering your window. So to start you need to measure from the Top of the Rod (where you’re going to hang the curtain panels from) to the floor. We recommend at least 1-2 inches off the floor. Then you measure the exact width from side to side and lets say this large space you’re trying to cover measures exactly 15ft wide and 12ft high. So in order to cover this large area and get a complete full pleat (gather) you simply just double the width. So you would need to go with either ONE Large panel of 30’w x 12’h or TWO panels of 15’w x 12’h.

Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions or would like any further assistance when it comes to measuring or ordering any of our Rod Pocket Top Velvet Curtains Online.

If you happen to have an extra large space you’re trying to cover with a rod pocket top curtain panel and need an extra long curtain rod. We would recommend any of the following extra long curtain rods as they will support any of our velvet curtain panels that expand over 120 inches long:

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