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How to clean curtains with vacuum cleaner

How to clean curtains with vacuum cleaner

In each house, there is such an element of the interior, like curtains. How to keep them neat? Pieces of hair, pollen, and ash from tobacco can settle on them. So, if you want to keep your house tidy, you should take care of curtains. Each type of care instructions has its guide how to apply vacuum cleaning, which may differ depending on the material of your curtain fabric.

There are classical, Japanese, Roman styles, etc. This is not a complete list. Have you seen textiles with lambrequins, brushes, hand-embroidered patterns or several layers of  curtain fabric?

Unfortunately, there can be a lot of spots on such a large fabric area. You may face a regular need to wash your curtains. Probably you’ll need to do this more than once per year. However, instead of washing, you can use your vacuum. Read best vacuum reviews and choose the most suitable vacuum device that can become your reliable household helper. Better give preference to those having more functions as anyway you’ll benefit from this multifunctional device, which is a must at every home.

Simply use a special vacuum brush for fabric and upholstery treatment. Only in this way, you will preserve the initial fabric look. Does your vacuum cleaner have a nozzle? Instead of time-consuming washing, wrap the brush of the vacuum cleaner with a muslin or any thin cloth and fasten it using an elastic band if you don’t have a special nozzle for fabric and furniture.

Simply follow special instructions of the care treatment that are located on the inside of the material. Get used to apply the necessary custom treatments for the blinds on the regular basis, for example, twice per month.

How to Clean Curtains Without the Use of Professional Services?

The need to keep curtains neat can upset even the best hostess because it is not easy to wash them. However, it is a natural desire to refresh their look as this is an important element of interior.  Feel free to find helpful tips how to clean curtains here.

You must have heard about dry cleaning.

Not always it can replace washing and vacuuming, however, it is considered to be effective in most cases. Use appropriate cleaning care guidelines for curtains to make their fabric look like new.

  • Remove the dust from the curtains.Simply removing dust from the curtains can refresh their look.By doing this regularly, you can delay the large-scale cleaning. It is important to know how to use a vacuum for the regular dirt removal: once the dust penetrates the fibers, it will not be possible to remove it with the vacuum treatment.
  • Eliminate dirt locally: Often the fabric gets dirty at the bottom but looks almost like new at the top. If the spot has a local character, for example, you spilled or dropped something on it, remove it with a vacuum brush together with any non-aggressive detergent. This trick does not make the curtains really tidy, but it will save you from the need for emergency washing.
  • Get a steamer. The steamer seems to be an indispensable thing in the household. Even being made from delicate material, curtains can be completely refreshed with a steam. It is important to understand that neither the steamer,nor fabric cleaning without taking a curtain off, can replace the need to wash them.Sure that under the vacuum pressure, a spot will dissolve, and under the influence of a steam iron, the textile will be smoothed, but sometimes the dust still remains in the texture.

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing an Appropriate Cleaning Method

The steam generator can spoil the fabric if used improperly, therefore, before the use, find out how it is possible to use the steam in your case, and also read the instructions to know how to do everything in a proper way.


The vacuum method may be preferable for some types of fabric if you do not consider dry cleaning as natural silk, linen, cotton, and wool are strongly deformed during washing.Synthetics can deteriorate if being ironed.

For example, Roman and roller, as well as vertical blinds, are covered with a special dirt-repellent or even a vinyl layer. If your roller blinds are made of fabric, then the cleaning strategy is the same. The vacuum cleaning of curtains gives a much greater result compared to others as dirt cannot enter into fibers.

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