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How can you cut a Metal Curtain Pole?

How can you cut a Metal Curtain Pole?

If you are about to move into your newly built home, one of the last things you might find yourself doing is installing your curtain poles to hang your drapes. Because windows are often oddly shaped, finding poles in your local store that are the exact size you need can prove challenging. Getting poles made specifically for your home can cost a small fortune, and with all the money you have already spent on your home, you might be looking for cheaper alternatives.

Instead of investing in custom-made curtain rods, a lot of homeowners decide to take on the task themselves. Purchasing an inexpensive curtain rod and cutting it down yourself is not that difficult, especially if you have the right tools at home. You can make these cheap curtain rods look great if you do it properly, and you can save a lot of cash by doing it yourself. Because most metal curtain poles are hollow, cutting them is a lot easier than you might think. However, making a clean and straight cut might not be as easy as you think. You might need a little practice before you start cutting your brand new poles.

Know your Measurements

Before going off to the store to buy new curtain poles, measure each window. The width of the window will help you figure out the size of the curtain rod needed. Although a lot of rods come with two brackets, some don’t. If the rod doesn’t come with brackets, make sure that you purchase brackets first. Most people like to go with brackets that have the same or similar colors to the pole. You should have no issues finding brackets that will look good in your home. If you can’t find a bracket that you like in a traditional hardware store, consider going online instead. Most online marketplaces have a wide variety of curtain brackets readily available. You must make sure that the bracket fits the curtain pole, so don’t forget to make sure it is the right size.

Once you have your brackets ready, install them above the window. Once this is complete, measure the distance between each bracket before you start cutting.

Cut the Curtain Rod

Most hollow curtain rods are easy to cut into because they are hollow, however, others consist of a lot of heavy metal. The majority of cheap rods out there are hollow, so you should have no problems cutting through them.

You don’t need a power tool to cut the rod, instead, you can use a hacksaw. Although a lot of folks use hacksaws for cutting wood and plastic, they were invented to cut metal. Measure the length of the pole that you need, and mark it in the exact area where it needs to be cut. With your strongest hand, grab your hacksaw and start cutting.

What is a Hacksaw?

A hacksaw is used by woodworkers, plumbers, metal workers, and pretty much anyone who likes to take on DIY projects. There are two different types of hacksaws that can be found in nearly every hardware store on the planet. Adjustable hacksaws allow you to change the size of the blades, which is very useful for those working on different jobs. There are also fixed hacksaws out there which don’t allow you to change the size of the blade.

Although they are one of the safest saws you can own, you still have to be very careful when using them. They have small sharp teeth, so they can cause a lot of problems. Before using a hacksaw, examine the tool for splits and cracks. Hacksaws are known to break when they are under stress, which can prove extremely dangerous. If you notice any issues with the hacksaw you are about to use, take a step back and replace any part of the saw that seems damaged.

Sand down the Rod

Once the cutting part is over, you might notice rough edges on the area where you cut the pole. Not only will this look bad, but these sharp edges could damage your curtain’s material. You can sand down and file the rod so it looks and feels good. If these are not sanded down, you might have problems getting the finials on.

Some finials are designed to just come off whenever you want to take them off, while some require a bit of work. If this is the case, your rod is ready. If not, you might have to use a screw to get the finals on. Before placing the screw in the thread, consider putting some epoxy on the rod. Place the rod into the finials and wait until it is secured. Once the epoxy has completely dried and the finials are safely secured on the rod, you are ready to hang your curtains.

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