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Expert Tips To Choose The Perfect Dimensions Of Velvet Curtains

It can be tough to figure out exactly what size curtains to buy for specific windows.  Interior decorators endure three to seven years of academic studies so they will understand exactly how to incorporate harmony, suitability and functionality in rooms with regards to everything from the room size to the added figurines.  You probably don’t have the time to go to university just to figure out how big your curtains should be or to figure out how to create the perfectly decorated room.  And that is perfectly fine.  The perfect harmonious look for your home has more to do with your unique personality, with products at your disposal and the ability to make these elements work for you.  Everyone isn’t going to like your choice in curtains, kitchenware or carpets…and that is ok.  You are creating a look that suits you and family members and not one that suits others.

Curtain width and length doesn’t have to be perfect.  Interior decorators do follow specific guidance’s with regards to certain looks but you don’t have to.  It is every home owner’s right to choose curtain sizing’s that suits their unique taste and budget.

But the right sizing tips can help you save a lot of money and effort on curtaining.  You will know exactly how many velvet curtains to buy and how long they should be without having to go back and forth between the linen store.  Here is a quick guide to help you choose the right size:

The classic and tailored look

For this look your curtains should just be hitting the floor when hung.  It is a good look for your home if you are opening and closing the curtains a lot and can give your building a very professional overall appearance.

The romantic and modern look

If you want to create a cozier, more romantic and modernized vibe then your curtains should pool at the floor.  Choose fabric that is six inches longer than the height of your windows but remember that this is a high maintenance look since washing will be more frequently if curtains pool on the floor.

The square clean look

If you don’t want your curtains to overwhelm the look of your home or if you prefer a modernized and square look then your curtains should be just big enough to cover the length of the window.

How wide your curtains should be

Curtains should be fumbled a bit.  Curtaining that is too stretched out don’t give the right appeal and can even make your home seem cheap.  The combined width of the curtains you choose should be 2 to 2.5 times wider than the window. This allows for great functionality and gives your room a much softer look.

At Lushes Curtains all of our luxury velvet curtains are manufactured at the correct average lengths and sizing but it isn’t against the rules at all if you prefer a curtain that is even shorter.   You can simply shorten them yourself or call us now on 626 453 0337 to find out about curtain shortening.

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