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Dogs and Cats Ruining Your Curtains, here is what to do.

Dogs and Cats Ruining Your Curtains, here is what to do.

If your pet spends most of its time indoors, then you probably have to deal with a dog or cat that’s constantly ruining your curtain.

For whatever reason, dogs and cats find curtains fascinating and will play with them by scratching or tearing them up. Cats in particular love to climb curtains to get access to the window or curtain rod way up high.

This article explores some ways to discourage pets from damaging curtains.

First Things First

If you have multiple pets, then it’s important you pinpoint which one is ruining your curtains and how. As you might even discover, your pets might not be to blame. Pests like rats and mice can also damage your curtains. Correctly identifying the source of the problem will guide you into taking the right action.

Dogs and cats find curtains fascinating. So it is your responsibility to make them unappealing to prevent any damage. If you find that your pet is overly destructive, it might be time to visit a veterinarian like Buena Vet at for a proper diagnosis of what’s wrong.

Preventing Dogs and Cats From Ruining Your Curtains

  • Keep your curtains at window height

The primary function of your curtains is to cover your window. If it wouldn’t significantly affect your preferred interior decor, make your curtains a little longer than the bottom of the window. Avoid floor-length curtains altogether.

By ensuring your curtains aren’t at your pet’s level, you significantly reduce the chance of your curtains piquing their attention.

  • Move the couch

Even with a short curtain, your pet can still gain access if there’s a nearby couch close to it. That’s why you need to remove the couch. Some people would rather remove the pet from the couch but what the pet learns is not to climb the couch when you’re close by. But removing the couch addresses the root cause.

  • Use hooks instead of tie-backs

If your curtain tie-backs are ribbons or tassels or made from other hanging fabric, they may attract your cat or dog and serve as a new source of entertainment. On the other hand, hooks have a minimal profile and are generally unappealing to cats and dogs.

  • Provide access to the windows

Pets love to enjoy the view of the external world from the comfort of the window. And if your curtains are getting in the way, they may try to move them aside. Unfortunately, they may damage your curtains in the process. If possible, leave a window free of curtains so your pet can get an unobstructed view of the outside world.

  • Discourage curtain hide-and-seek

It’s not uncommon for kittens and puppies to play curtain hide-and-seek. You must correct this behavior in your pet before they turn into adults. Do not encourage this behavior by playing with your pet near the curtains.

  • Provide alternative high viewpoint

Cats may climb curtains to get access to the curtain rod or pelmet as cats love to chill out in high places. See if you can provide your cat with an alternate and better high point. Hopefully, your curtains become less interesting to it.

  • Keep your pet preoccupied with toys.

Your dog or cat may be playing with the curtains because it is ideal. To prevent this, provide your pet with mentally stimulating and interactive toys like treat puzzles and feather toys to keep them preoccupied.

  • Consider blinds

Although blinds are not full-proof to pet attacks, they are less susceptible than curtains. In general, blinds do not get the attention of cats and dogs. Some of the best pet-friendly blinds include Roman and roller blinds, vertical blinds, and timber-look blinds.

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