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Do-it-Yourself Velvet Headboard

You can never have too much velvet in your home when you really want the look and feel of luxury surrounding you, but if you prefer to have a single room designated as your own personal Velvet Room, that might work just as well for you. To populate your Velvet Room with furnishings that give you the warm and satisfying feeling of rich velvet, you can start with a velvet upholstered sofa, possibly a matching chair or two, and then pick out a complementary curtain to add more richness and fullness to the room. But now what?

Take it to the bedroom

For the creative person, there are lots of other ways to incorporate velvet into the theme of any given room, even your sleeping quarters. How about a velvet headboard for your bed? At night, you’ll have the pleasure of knowing that your head is resting just inches from the luxurious fabric you’ve chosen as your personal dream material – it might even inspire some royal dreams of your own once you drift off to sleep.

Velvet headboards can be purchased at some high-quality department stores or furniture stores, but if the cost scares you off a little, you can also make one of your own. If you have that kind of do-it-yourself mentality, and you enjoy a little home improvement project once in a while, you’ll really like what you end up with when you make your own velvet headboard.

To get started, you’ll need a plain, inexpensive base headboard, some foam sheets, some Velcro fastening strips, and of course a measured length of the style and color of velvet which you’d like to do your dreaming next to. When purchasing the velvet, make sure that it’s cut to a length which is at least a foot or two longer than the headboard length, because you’ll be wrapping it around.

Here’s the work process:

  • Measure and cut the foam, so that it overhangs the headboard by 3 inches on all sides
  • Position the foam around the headboard, and use duct tape to secure it on all sides
  • Place the velvet over the foam sheet material, and pin it to the corners and sides of the headboard
  • Sew the corners of the velvet
  • Add Velcro to the sides and corners of the velvet, so it can be secured
  • If you like, add velvet buttons by sewing them in from the back side
  • After buttons have been sewed in, close up the back side with velvet and secure with Velcro strips

Where to get your velvet?

For the widest selection of high quality velvet fabric, check the online store at Lushes Curtains for the exact style and color you’re looking for. The available selections at Lushes will all contribute to that look of luxury and elegance you want to bring in to your home, and give you that positively royal feeling.

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