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DIY Projects to Keep Your Home’s Decor Current

Home interior decor can change a lot over time. Color trends, furniture trends and interior
decor trends may change dramatically as years pass. The best way to ensure that your
home looks its best all the time is to keep up with the decorating and DIY projects
throughout the year. These simple interior decor projects can help you keep your home in
good condition.

Open Up Your Kitchen

Open shelving is in. Open shelves provide visual interest in a kitchen without making it
feel small, cluttered or claustrophobic. In many homes open shelving takes the form of
single-board shelves that have been installed on the walls separately from the cabinets.
Other forms of open shelves are actually more of a hybrid between a cabinet and a shelf,
and are made from cabinets that have had the doors removed.
Basically any capable DIYer with the right tools can install their own shelf. If you’re not
sure where to find a good shelf for your kitchen, look around at home improvement
centers in your area. You’ll probably need a screw driver, drill and instructions from the
manufacturer to get it put up.
If your kitchen contains cabinets that you’d like to convert into open cabinetry, simply
use a screw driver to remove the doors. You’ll probably need to refinish the cabinets
because you’ll need to cover the old screw holes with wood putty. To refinish the
cabinets, sand down the old finish then re-stain or re-paint.

Upgrade Your Wall Colors

Upgrading wall colors is a great way to freshen up your home’s interior. Neutrals are
gaining in popularity in areas of the home like the living room, dining room and kitchen,
where people spend a great deal of time with friends as well as family. Beige, gray and
the combination thereof (called greige) are sophisticated as well as soothing, elegant and
also charming.
In more private areas of the home, homeowners are indulging in more personal colors.
Blues, greens, reds and bright colors like pink, orange and yellow are all making their
appearance in these areas of the home.

Reveal Your Hardwood

Hardwood floors are among the most prized types of flooring in modern homes. If you’re
selling your home, you may find that most buyers desire them as well. Just a few decades
ago, carpeting was the go-to flooring material for homeowners. In homes that still have
carpeting, hardwood floors are often found underneath. To find out if your home has
hardwood under carpeting, simply pull back on the edge of your carpet in any room of
the house. If the floors underneath are hardwood, tearing out all of the carpeting can help
modernize your home and bring your home’s flooring up to date. Floor refinishing may
be necessary depending on the condition of the hardwood.

Mix Your Patterns

Mixed patterns are exciting and textural; perfect for creating visual interest in a bedroom,
living room or in any other room of the house. When mixing patterns, try to pick colors
that won’t directly clash with one another. Neutral colors combined with bright, bold,
colorful patterns can easily work together in the same area of the room. Consider mixing
patterns in the couch, bed, curtains and in other upholstered parts of the house.
Consider Working With A Professional
If you’re trying to upgrade your home in hopes of making it look its best for guests,
family and friends, contact an interior designer for assistance with your project. If you’re
trying to upgrade your home in hopes of selling it soon, contact a real estate agent for
guidance throughout the process. Your real estate agent can help you stage your home
and recommend upgrades that can help the house sell.

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