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Choosing the right soft furnishings to make your bedroom look good

Everyone has different taste and that’s a fact. Whether it’s what goes in your sandwiches or what book you’re going to read next, people always have different perceptions as to what is good. When it comes decorating bedrooms with soft furnishings the same concept applies. For example would you have curtains or blinds? Or how about a rug? Let’s have a look at other crucial tips on how to pick what is good for you and your bedroom.

Curtains versus Blinds

Both options are suitable for any room of the house however the thought process strangely needs to be will you use them? Some blinds are purely bought to be decorative and hence not really used. Blinds are handy in the fact that they come in such a large variety of colours and materials. They can keep the light out when closed and the provide enough privacy when you want it.

Curtains are fantastic money savers. This is a sub line thought process that curtains do actually help to keep the room warm by keeping any escaped air from your windows behind the scenes as it were. Once again curtains also come in a large variety of different colours and patterns. However if you’re going to decorate a small bedroom with curtains try to avoid any overbearing in your face patterns as these do actually make the room feel smaller. With both blinds and curtains they do need to be the right size for your windows both width and lengthways. If they aren’t firstly they’ll let in light and second they’ll just look silly.


When it comes down to actually dressing your bedroom it’s best to choose your fabric first, before your paint or wallpaper. Purely because it is much easier to match a patch of fabric to a paint than the other way round. Selecting fabrics can be hard work but there is a way to make it a lot easier. Fabric patches or samples.

As you go round any soft furnishings store try to gather some samples of the fabrics that you would like to use in your bedroom. This is a really important step to take as the fabric you see in a store may look very different in your bedroom. This can be down to a different light setting amongst other factors. It’s best to get a vision of how it would look in its desired location.


According to throws are a great addition to any decorated room in your home. They are so versatile, you can do so much with them. They can be used as purely decorative items just like cushions, or they can be functional in keeping you warm. Once again there’s a lot of choices with fabrics and designs for throws including ones made from faux fur. Perfect for warmth.

So take all these tips into consideration when decorating your bedroom and make sure that your bedroom really does look good.

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