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Tips to Help You Get Superb Value for Money When You Buy Used Velvet Curtains

Tips to Help You Get Superb Value for Money When You Buy Used Velvet Curtains

The right set of curtains can make a huge difference in the overall look of a room.  Choosing the right curtains for a specific room can be quite a challenge.  One of the biggest reasons why so many homeowners spend a fortune on curtaining is due to one reason; you get tired of the same old look year in and year out.  A good quality set of curtains can last a very long time.  While this is superb for those that are satisfied with the look of a room it can be quite daunting for those that just want to switch things up a bit.  People change all the time, their moods change, their tastes change and home trends are constantly on the change.  Some of the biggest changes to deal with in homes are usually when kids grow up and change their mind about their bedroom themes.  When the theme changes the curtains are usually the first things that no longer suit a room. A good way to enjoy a frequent change in your home without the expense is by investing in used velvet curtains.  Here are a few tips to help you get the best possible value for money when you are shopping used velvets.

Used curtains doesn’t mean used up at all

A lot of homeowners just like you have plenty of used curtains that are still in perfect condition.  The only reason they don’t use them is that they don’t match a certain theme or room anymore.  All of the used curtains at Lushes Curtains are hardly used at all.  They look brand new, are still ultimately luxurious and you can pick them up at a fraction of the cost of new curtains.

Buy from a reputed company

When you are buying used you definitely want to buy from a reputed company like Lushes Curtains.  The luxury curtains available at this company are still in a perfect condition where other curtain sources might be a bit worn down.

Consider the sizing

Used curtains are often tailored to fit specific windows and plenty of these curtains are not standard in size anymore.  Always check the size of a curtain when you are buying used.

Keep the hardware in mind

A set of used curtains might have a fantastic price but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is good for your home.  Ask about grommet top curtains, ring top curtains, rod pocket curtains, sheer curtains and ensure that the curtain has the right match for your curtain rods.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Don’t worry too much about small errors in used curtains.  When curtains are hanging small errors along the seams and bottom isn’t really noticeable.  The flaws you should watch out for is flaws in the middle of the curtain.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to get a pretty fantastic set of luxury curtains at a pretty good price even though they might be used.  Buying used saves a lot of money and gives you a lot more freedom because redecorating isn’t as expensive.

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