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Bedroom Decor Can Affect Your Sleep: Tips and Tricks

Bedroom Decor Can Affect Your Sleep: Tips and Tricks

The rooms inside our house got the names based on their main function. In the bathroom we take a bath, in the living room we spend most of our time, not to say we live there, and in the bedroom we sleep, i.e. our bed is there. If this is true, why have we transformed the bedroom into a secondary office, completely disrupting the room’s main function? In reality, even the décor of the bedroom should serve the purpose of getting a good night’s rest, so don’t belittle its design. There are numerous tips and tricks on how to make the design of the bedroom affect you sleep in a positive way.

Stay comfortably cool

While we sleep, our metabolism slows down and the body temperature drops.  Because of this, we no longer need a particularly high air temperature, so sleeping in a cold room has several health benefits. The exact temperature varies around the 20-something degrees Celsius, since each organism has the ideal sleeping temperature, but in each individual the room temperature at night should be lower than the one during the day.

If you have a heating system that is regulated with the use of a thermostat, you can set the temperature to be lower at night and then to rise before dawn so you wake up in a warm room. Of course, when we say that the room needs to be cold, we are not referring to turning your bedroom into an icy kingdom. If you are getting the chills, close the window or warm up the room.

(Un)share the blanket

Another sleep issue is the number of people that sleep in the same bed. While you are alone, it is easier to make yourself comfortable but once you start sleeping with your partner, things get tricky. The epic battle over the blanket or sheets has been a relationship issue for ages. When you have a single piece of textile then it is hard for both people to be comfortable at the same time. That is why any king-size bed should have separate sheets for each person. This way, you and your partner will be comfortable when you are tired and just want to go to sleep or you can inter join your sheets if you two are feeling joyful.

Bedroom Decor Can Affect Your Sleep

The right proportions

When it comes to the decor of the room, both wall ornaments and the colors should be proportionate. If you have a large bedroom, don’t furnish it with oversized pieces of furniture and vice versa, don’t put tiny fixtures if your bedroom is small. The overall colors, like the ones of the wall, should be mellow, like grey, blue or brown. Everything inside the bedroom should be proportionate in size and color with other pieces of furniture and the bed.

Dark shades

One of the most basic prerequisites for going to sleep is a dark room. Essentially, our bodies are programmed to become dormant as the sun sets, so a dark room is necessary for sleeping soundly. Even if we turn the lights in the room off, there is always an alternative light source bugging us, like street lights or even moonlight. This is where excellent window awnings like the ones made by Oztech come into play. Curtains are nice and all but they let the light in, unlike external blinds that stop all light from going inside. They also have additional features such as autolock, so you can set them to your liking. With the awnings installed, sunrays will never wake you up at the break of dawn.

Lights out and…

Since you are going through all the trouble of keeping the light out of the room, you shouldn’t light the room from the inside. Any device that has a monitor is considered as a source of light that makes it harder for you to fall asleep. Using your smartphone or laptop before bed can thwart your effort to go to sleep. Close the laptop and let go of the phone at least half an hour before you go to bed.

…pets out!

Owning a pet means that you will spend many hours loving your furry friend and having that love reciprocated. However, the bedroom is really not the place where you should spend time together, especially not in the bed. If you let your cat or dog sleep in the same bed then you are bound to kick around all night and get up in the morning not rested enough.

If you decide to apply some or all of these tips related to improving your bedrooms décor, always have one thing in mind. Being passionate about your bedroom’s décor is the key factor that will make the whole space look lovely and “sleep-friendly.” Only in a room with the right décor you can sleep soundly and wake up every morning fully rested.


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