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Add Some Retro Flair To Your Decor With These 4 Tips

Vintage-inspired decor is more popular than ever. This is particularly true among the younger generations. One of the best things about this decorating trend is that it is surprisingly affordable, making it accessible for just about anyone regardless of their budget. The following section outlines some helpful tips that you can use to add a retro look and feel to your decor.

Take Things Slowly

Rather than jumping right in and changing everything at once, consider transitioning to a vintage look slowly by adding one or two pieces at a time. For instance, you could purchase a lamp or a couple of throw pillows. If you are fond of the look, you can then take it to the next level by making more permanent changes such as adding retro tile or furniture.

Where Can You Find Vintage Pieces?

Although it may seem like it would be difficult to find vintage pieces, there are actually quite a few places that you can look. A good place to start is at garage sales or antique shops. Flea markets can also be an excellent resource. If you would prefer, you can always take advantage of the many vintage reproduction pieces that you can find at today’s furniture stores. These can be an easy alternative to looking for true vintage pieces. Before you do that, though, you may want to at least give some antique stores or flea markets a shot. You never know what amazing treasures you may discover. You can even check with your older relatives to see if they have anything tucked away in storage that may be perfect for your space.

Keep It Liveable

You aren’t trying to perfectly recreate a style as if your home were a museum. Instead, your goal should be to look for pieces that you love that can give it a retro flair. Not everything in your home has to be vintage. Instead, you can mix and match vintage and modern pieces to create a one-of-a-kind look. Try to keep your modern pieces simple so that your vintage pieces become the stars of the show. If you try to mix too many different styles or have too many ornate pieces it can cause your room to look too busy. Create the perfect backdrop for your vintage furniture and decor by painting your walls in a beautiful neutral shade.

Think About The Overall Look

Put some thought into the overall look that you want to create. Do you want your space to have a Scandinavian feeling with clean lines and neutral tones? Alternatively, do you want to create an industrial feel through a combination of unfinished wood, old metal and glass? For instance an Eames Lounge Chair may suit some styles but not all. Make sure that whatever style you choose is a good fit for your taste and personality. After all, you want a space that is comfortable to live in.
With a little bit of thought and creativity, you should be able to create a space that perfectly blends vintage pieces with modern touches. In the end, you should wind up with a space that you are exceptionally proud to call home.


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