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Add Some Flare to Your Dessert Table with a Velvet Backdrop

Anyone who has ever been involved in the catering business, or who has participated in the preparation of a fairly large buffet-style lunch or dinner party, understands that good taste isn’t the only thing that matters to those invited. Presentation is another big component of the layout, with elegant styling and meticulous arrangement catching the eye, as delightful aromas ensnare the sense of smell. Sooner or later, diners’ eyes will travel toward the dessert table, to see what kinds of delightful confections are provided for the highlight of the meal – and that’s where a bit of inspired flare can really grab everyone’s attention.

Creating dessert table magic

One tried and true method of featuring all the delicious treats on the table is to provide a dark, monotone velvet curtain behind the table, which makes everything in front of it stand out and capture the eye. A red or black velvet curtain behind the dessert table conveys the subtle impression of an endpoint, and that in turn signifies that everything of importance is before that endpoint, i.e. on the table. This subconscious direction centers all attention on the sweet desserts themselves.

If you have the soul of an artist, and prefer not to contrast your dessert table with a single-color curtain hanging straight down, you can do several things that add creativity and perhaps even more appeal. If your party occasion has a unified theme that you’re trying to stick with, you can make reference to that idea by adding some text, images, or objects on the curtain backdrop which reflect that.

For instance, if you’re preparing for a wedding, you might want to hang a heart or two on your backdrop, or perhaps the names of the couple being married. Decorating for a corporate celebration on the other hand, may call for something more businesslike, such as a congratulatory sentiment, suspended from the curtain frame. At the other end of the spectrum, decorating for a themed high school dance might allow you the freedom to adorn your velvet curtain backdrop with all kinds of spooky reminders of the Halloween season.


Where to get your curtain backdrop

For a one-time dinner event, or for an occasion which might only happen a few times each year, it would make the most sense to purchase a used curtain, so you can afford to get exactly what you want, at the lower used price. To be sure you can find the ideal backdrop for your event, contact the good folks at Lushes Curtains, where you’ll get the best prices on used curtains, fire-treated curtains, and all the appropriate hardware you need for your purchase, to make installation a breeze.


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