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8 Curtain Alterations You Can Do Yourself

8 Curtain Alterations You Can Do Yourself

A small change in your curtaining can sometimes result in a very big change in the overall look of your room.  This is especially true for curtains because curtains are big and have a huge visual effect on a room.  There are plenty of ideas out there that you can use to give your luxury curtains a mini makeover that will make them more suitable, functional or just make them look a little bit different.  Here are 8 great curtain alterations you can probably do yourself.

  1. Shorten your curtains yourself

DIY curtain shortening is entirely possible and there are three different methods to get this done.  The first step is to cut your curtains the right length.  Mind the seaming with before you cut your curtains.

  • Buy fabric glue and simply glue a new seam into your curtains. This method is not recommended for luxury velvet curtaining because the fabric doesn’t work particularly well with fabric glue and the look doesn’t really suit luxury velvets.
  • The second way to seam your curtains is by using a sewing machine. Simply roll up the seam and stitch it flat.
  • The third method is time-consuming but very simple. Get a needle and threat, roll your seam and start stitching away.  This is the best method to seam velvet curtains.
  1. Make your own tiebacks

There are plenty of great ideas out there for great looking curtain tiebacks.  The right tieback can make your curtains look a lot neater and more elegant.

  1. Ombre curtains

If your curtains are very old then this can be a fun DIY.  Get some bleach and soak the bottom part of the curtains in the bleach for an ombre look.  Alternatively, you can use color dye to turn a plain curtain into something a bit more flamboyant.

  1. Stencil curtains

You can create an entirely different look for your home with just gold fabric paint and a stencil.  Simply paint it yourself and you will have an instant upgrade.

  1. Cute tiebacks

A very cute way to tie back your curtains is by using stuffed animals as your tiebacks. Simply stitch Velcro onto the hands of stuffed animals and tie them around the curtains in children’s rooms.

  1. Make floral curtains

You can upcycle plain curtains into florals by stitching fabric flowers onto the curtains.  Simply look for fabric flowers that look like they can withstand machine washing, grab a needle and thread and start stitching.

  1. Divide your curtains

If your curtains are simply too wide for a window then dividing them can be a good solution.  Simply cut them in half and use the same technique as you would have for hemming.

  1. Switch the sheers and the drapes

For an instant mini makeover, you can simply switch your sheers and drapes around.  The lace sheers can create a much softer appearance for your home.

And there you have it; 8 wonderful curtain alterations you can do all by yourself.  These alteration ideas are all incredibly affordable, incredibly functional and can help create a completely different look for your home.

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