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7 Tips for A Great Bedroom Design

More often than not, people overlook their bedrooms because it is a private and simple room. Having a good and structured floor plan is the first step to achieving a meticulous bedroom design that give you everything you want in your bedroom irrespective of the available space.

Here are seven tips guaranteed to give you the most out of your bedroom.

  1. Simple circulation

It all matter of concentrating movement to one side of the room, something that hotels have managed to perfect. 90% of hotels stick to the same floor plan for all their rooms, which makes it simple to manage the rooms. Circulation plans are more of a challenged when the room as to the outside or is inclusive of a bathroom (en-suite bedrooms). Here are some tips to make your ensuite nicer.

Paying attention to where you will locate the closet and the bathroom helps to save on space. Bedroom designs that are inclusive of a closet and bathroom require longer hall (see the plan on the left side). You can do without a separate hall if you opt to concentrate the circulation in a way that gives access to the closet and bedroom via the sleeping area (see plan on the right). Furthermore, adding the circulation space into the bedroom makes it look bigger.

  1. Focus on the view

Waking up to a good view in the morning will result in a great start for the day if view takes you out of the window as opposed to straight at the bed. Whether you are remodeling your old bedroom or building a new one, you should work with bedroom design that focuses on the Vista; it may be as simple as your backyard and as stunning as an ocean view. Here are some cool tips

  1. Keep privacy in mind

It is a nice feeling to have your bedroom door open and still feel that your privacy is intact. Having the bedroom along or at the end of the small hall is a great way of separating it from the family room. Just stick to plans that place the bedroom away from direct sight of public spaces in the house such as the dining room, kitchen, or the living room.

  1. Connect with the outdoors

Connecting with the outdoors is a great way to make the room look larger, fresh, and with plenty of natural light. Such a design is however not feasible in all climates. Adding some French doors instantly increases the visual space in the bedroom, whether it is located on the ground floor is on the second story and has an adjacent terrace.

  1. Consider the furniture layout

The bedroom design should be done with enough attention given to the furniture. Often, the floor plans have bed wall but fail to consider things such as the chairs, table, desk, and dressers. Deciding on a good quality piece of oakwood or ash furniture that will last the test of time is a good idea. Therefore, consult with your designer to come up with plans that give ample space beside the bed and enough circulation to give access to your bed from all three sides.

  1. More light and ventilation

The room can have more light and adequate ventilation if it is located at the corner of the house where it can have two or more windows can be on adjacent walls. You get enough natural light and a free flowing cross ventilation.

  1. Take it a step at a time

Drawing up a good plan takes time and going through it to refine it before implementation helps you have a meticulous bedroom plan that suits your needs and lifestyle. As such, take it a step at a time, it will be worth the extra minute you give to the plans that the extra dollars that will go into correcting avoidable mistakes.

Now you know. Ample space does not mean expensive and complex design but better function, higher efficiency, and easy maintenance of a great bedroom design.

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