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6 Curtain Tips To Refresh Your Interior Decor

6 Curtain Tips To Refresh Your Interior Decor

Interior decorating is a lot harder than it looks.  Even the most creative people often find it hard to create a harmonious look inside a home.  How do you know which colors will go well in your home and what extra decorating items to choose?  How do you pick the perfect luxury curtains to match your windows and home?  How do you know which colors will appeal to everyone in the family?  It is hard to envision the right look and it is even harder to work towards that look when you cannot afford to do all the modifications in one shot.  But one of the hardest parts of interior decorating is choosing a look that will appeal to you for the rest of your life.

You may have created the perfect vibe for your home but staring at the same wall colors, the same artworks and the same curtains year in and year out can get pretty boring pretty fast.  A little bit of change and refashioning can give your home a quick mini-makeover for a fresher, newer and better look.

Here are x ways to refashion your velvet curtains so your home can look more interesting and more unique;

Dip dye the ends

A good way to freshen up the color of old velvet curtains and to create a very interesting look for your home is by dip dying your curtains.  Dip-dye the ends and create a very bold and very attractive look for your windows.  This is also a very good technique to revive old curtains or to make sun fading more appealing.

Add lace to your curtains

Lace is incredibly popular right now and it is a great way to refashion your luxury velvet curtains just a bit.  Add lace trimmings to your velvet curtains or sew burlap onto the top or bottom of your curtains.

Doily up your curtains

Do you have stain marks on your curtains? Then this is the perfect refashion idea for you.  Collect all of those old doilies in the house and sew these creative crochet works onto all of those unsightly areas.  Adding a few doilies and crochet works to the trimmings or sides of your curtains can create a wonderful look for your home.

Trim with pom-poms

Pom-poms have made a huge comeback in the end of 2017.  These fuzzy balls are funny, cute and beautiful.  They can also be very handy if you are looking for a way to add a splash of color to your luxury velvet curtains.  Simply trim your curtains with bright pom-poms for a very refreshing look.

Give embroidery a shot

If you are good at embroidery then you can use this creative skill to breathe new life into your velvet curtains. Embroider beautiful images of flowers, butterflies or running designs onto your curtains for a very unique and creative look.

Refashion with fabric flowers

Another good idea is to buy a whole bunch of fabric flowers and to stitch these beauties onto your curtains.  You can create a beautiful floral look for your home and hide away unsightly spots on your curtains.

These are amazing ideas to refashion your curtains when you get bored of the same look or to hide away fading or spot marks on your luxury velvets.  A bit of refashioning can do wonders for the overall look of your home and it can be great fun to give these DIY projects a try.

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