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5 Ways to Improve the look of Your Home With Our Velvet Curtains

Some home improvements are costly. New floors, bay windows, crown molding; all of it adds up. Window treatments are an easy, fun, affordable way to improve the look of your home.

What kind of window treatments should I buy?

There are a good many window treatments available at Lush Curtains.  Some are sheer, some are opaque, some are drapes and some are merely curtains. These simple additions can vastly improve the look of any room and add some class to your interior. Don’t settle for ordinary blinds when a couple curtains can make your room more livable and enjoyable.

Our Velvet window curtains can be purchased to add luxury to any room. They create an atmosphere that is elegant and timeless. With a range of colors and styles, velvet window curtains can be made to match the decor of any room. With just a few minutes of work to hang them, velvet curtains are the best way to create a touch of royal decadence to your den, office, bedroom, or even as a divider between rooms.

What can I use velvet curtains for?

Velvet curtains are very versatile. They can be used just about anywhere and for any purpose. From a little class in your living room, to a practical and attractive room divider in your basement, velvet curtains run the gauntlet in being a stylish and affordable addition to your home.

But what are the 5 ways I can use velvet curtains?

1. Hang velvet curtains as your window dressing in any room of your house for an instant DIY curtain idea that will leave visitors with a healthy respect for your decorating skills. Your view will seem more opulent with these plush, soft drapes hanging on either side.

2. You can use velvet curtains as wall decor, perhaps around a favorite painting or mirror. Just mount the brackets, put the curtains on the rod you have chosen, and hang your curtains as you choose. You can make any room seem more palatial just by hanging curtains on your wall.


3. Need a handsome and affordable DIY curtain idea for your closet? Our Velvet curtains are the answer. Open and close your closet without the rumble of a sliding door or the squeak of a regular door. This is especially nice if you have to get ready for work while someone else is sleeping. Quiet, beautiful, and simple, velvet curtains can cover your closet or any other passage you choose.


4. Sometimes you need a little extra privacy in houses with open floor plans. Velvet curtains can create privacy, or be opened for everyone to enjoy. Studio apartments are another place where velvet curtains would be ideal. Hang them around your bed during parties or when you have guests over, and then hook them back when it’s time for bed. You can also save on heating if you leave them closed overnight, as the velvet curtains are thick and keep the heat in. Velvet curtains are practical as well as beautiful.

5. Bookcases are lovely additions to any room. They create an atmosphere of intelligence and worldliness. What if you want to protect your books from dust? Velvet curtains can be applied to either side of a bookcase in order to create a stylish protection from dust and pet hair.


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