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5 Tips To Help You Choose The Best Bedding

Choosing the best bedding possible is important as we spend so much time in it. We’ve compiled a list of things you should consider when deciding on bedding – so take a look.

  1. Be willing to splurge a bit. I’m all for creative do-it-yourself options and inexpensive decorating.  However, your bedding is one area that you really don’t want to skimp on.  Low quality, scratchy sheets are uncomfortable to sleep on.  I assure you that you won’t regret investing in bedding that you really love.  You deserve a little luxury in your life, and it is definitely worth ending a long day on a high note and waking up in the morning feeling completely refreshed.
  1. Check out the thread count. What thread count refers to is how many vertical and horizontal threads are contained in one square inch of material.  The higher the thread count is on the sheets, the more durable and softer the bedding will be.  Any thread count above 200 is considered to be high quality (our new 300 thread count bedding feels amazing).  However, don’t go for the absolute highest number that you can find.  Actually, 400 is really about as high as a realistic thread count can be.  However, some companies claim to have higher thread counts than that. What they do is count each fiber in the threads instead of just each thread.  So be sceptical if you see a company offering 1200 thread count sheets. Homemaker Bedding has a wide and very affordable selection.
  1. Consider choosing something that has a texture. I personally love white bedding- it does make it very easy to change your look by just using new blankets, throw pillows, etc.  However, white can also be pretty boring.  Selecting bedding with some texture, such as pin tucks or ruching, can add some interest to your bed, and it also doesn’t show wrinkles as easily.
  1. Mix styles and patterns. That may sound a bit counter intuitive, however I believe a bed actually looks more put together and chic if there is some mixing and matching, particularly if the bedding already has a pattern to it.  I think just using matching shams is kind of boring.  Adding Euro shams in a plain color or different pattern to the back, with some throw pillows at the front, and then a textured blanket over the foot of the bed will give your bed a nice finished look.  Switch up your accessories occasionally so that your bed feels seasonally appropriate, new and fresh, without needing to purchase all new bedding.
  1. Search for duvet covers that have ties in the corners. It is a minor detail, however it can make a big difference in my opinion.  The comforter moving around inside the duvet cover at night is a big pet peeve of mine.  It is really annoying trying to get it smoothed out and back in place.  Search for a duvet cover that has interior ribbons in every corner.  That way you’ll be able to tie the comforter corners into place.  Every morning when you are making the bed, you will be very grateful.

These tips will help ensure you choose the best bedding and end up comfortable and happy.

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