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3 Ways To Keep Your Home Free Of Rodents

3 Ways To Keep Your Home Free Of Rodents

If you’ve ever had an issue with rodents in your house, you know how uneasy this can make the entire atmosphere of your home. Not only are you sharing your space with some unwanted guests, but these guests are likely making themselves comfortable in areas of your home that could cause major damage or could even make your family members sick.

So to reduce the chances of this happening within your home, here are three ways you can keep your home free of rodents.

Seal Off Your Home

The first thing you should do to increase your chances of keeping rodents out of your home is to seal off any space where they could easily find their way inside.

According to How Stuff Works, some of the areas that you should focus your attention on should include around your exterior doors, around your windows, down your chimney, around your foundation, and in your crawlspace. If there’s any kind of hole or gap in these areas, there’s always a chance that a rodent could make its way in. And because they only need a small opening in order to enter a space, you’re going to want to do an effective audit of your space to make sure you’ve sealed off every crack or gap.

Be Careful With Food Storage

One thing that can entice rodents to enter into your home is the appeal of easily accessible food. However, if it’s hard or impossible for rodents to smell or get to the food you have stored in your home, they’ll go look for their next meal somewhere else.

As part of this, Brian Kabell, a contributor to The Spruce, advises that you be careful with how you store food in your home. Anything that’s stored in paper or cardboard can be easily chewed through and eaten or contaminated. Because of this, you should keep any dry goods you have in plastic or glass containers that will be impenetrable to rodents.

Focus On Cleanliness

Even if you’ve been careful about how you’re storing your food, if there are crumbs strewn all about your home, rodents are going to be able to smell that and seek it out.

To combat this, Zeev Dorfman, a contributor to Angie’s List, shares that you need to make sure your home is as clean as it can be if you’re worried about rodents taking up residence. Ideally, you should try to keep food only in your kitchen and dining room and then ensure that everything gets adequately cleaned up once you’ve finished cooking or eating. This includes pet food as well.

If you’re concerned about keeping rodents out of your home, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you keep these pests away.

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