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3 Tips For Setting Up A Nursery For Your New Baby

3 Tips For Setting Up A Nursery For Your New Baby

Getting ready for a new baby can be an exciting and overwhelming time. But while your baby will be able to sleep almost anywhere for the first few months, one thing that can help you feel more ready for your new bundle of joy is to have their nursery set up before they arrive.

To help you do this in the best possible way, here are three tips for setting up a nursery for your new baby.

Be Smart With Your Windows

Although you may love the idea of getting enough natural light in the baby’s room as possible, which will do wonders for ensuring that your little one gets enough vitamin D, you’ll also want to ensure that anything you use on the windows will be both safe and helpful for sleep time.

According to Kitty Lascurain, a contributor to The Spruce, one of the best items to install on the windows of your baby’s nursery are blackout curtains. With these types of curtains, you’ll be able to make the room nice and dark while your little one is sleeping. And since your baby will have been used to sleeping in the pitch black of your womb, this can make their sleep more peaceful, which will be a benefit for everyone in your house.

Think About Crib Placement

Whether you’re choosing to have your baby sleep in a full crib, a mini crib, a bassinet, or another type of bed, the place in the room where you choose to have them sleep is important.

Ideally, Jennifer White, a contributor to Very Well Family, recommends that you don’t put the crib right next to the window. In addition to fluctuating the temperature around them more than is advisable, this could also put your baby close to any bugs that might be trying to get in your home. Also, having your baby right under the register for heating and cooling could be harmful to your baby, too. For this reason, you should try to position the crib on an inside wall that won’t have a draft.

Keep Extras Close

Your baby’s nursery will likely have a changing table and lots of storage for things like clothes, diapers, and other necessary items.

When deciding where to put all of these things, Amy Eley, a contributor to, suggests that you try to keep extras close to where you plan to be changing the baby regularly. This way, when you need to grab another diaper or a new change of clothes, those things will be within arm’s reach so that you can safely stay by your baby as you get what you need.

If you’ve got a baby on the way, consider using the tips mentioned above as you set up their nursery.

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