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3 Tips For Laying Out Your Home Design In An Intuitive Way

3 Tips For Laying Out Your Home Design In An Intuitive Way

Designing a new home is no easy task. So if you’re about to build your own custom home and want to ensure that you create a home that makes sense for your lifestyle and will make your home life as convenient as it can be, here are three tips for laying out your home design in an intuitive way.

Make Safety A Priority

To really make your home intuitive for you, you need to know what your priorities are. Depending on your life and family, your priorities will vary.

For those with children at home, one of your top priorities for designing your home should be the safety of your little ones. When designing a home around safety, Ronique Gibson, a contributor to, recommends that you be very careful about things like balconies, stairs, glass shower enclosures, fireplaces and more. If you do want to have these kinds of things in your home, make sure you’ve thought about how you can keep your kids safe from potential dangers.

Create The Right Storage

When designing a home, it can be a delicate balance between having too much storage space and not having enough storage space. if you have too much storage space, you detract from the space that you could be living in. But with too little storage space, you wind up having to store your belongings in your living space anyway.

To combat this, Olivia Heath, a contributor to House Beautiful, recommends that you really think about your own personal storage needs. If you’re just storing smaller, basic items, you likely don’t need a ton of extra storage space. But if you have larger or odd-shaped items to store, like bicycles, you’ll likely need more storage space or bigger areas designated for storage.

While it can be helpful to consult your architect or contractor when determining how much space to allocate for storage, you and your family are the only ones who truly understand your current and future storage needs. So before you settle for the amount of storage space on your home blueprints, make sure you really consider if that space will fill your needs and fit intuitively into your lifestyle.

Be Smart About Your Laundry Room

Having your own space to do laundry within your home can make your life much more convenient. But to maximize this convenience, you need to be sure you’re putting your laundry room in the right area of your home.

According to Lee Wallender, a contributor to The Spruce, there are three main areas you should consider putting your laundry within your home. These include your basement or another designated laundry area, near your kitchen, or close to the bedrooms. Each of these options has different positives and negatives. But by understanding which placement makes the most sense for your lifestyle, doing laundry at home will become much easier.

If you’re wanting to design a home that functions intuitively for your family and lifestyle, consider using the tips mentioned above you create this type of space.

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