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3 Tips For Decorating Your Home For A Showing

3 Tips For Decorating Your Home For A Showing

When your home is on the market, holding showings or an open house can be great ways to have people really see themselves living in that home and ultimately wanting to make an offer on it. However, preparing your home for these events can be a headache. So if you’ve got a showing on the books but aren’t sure how to best get your home ready for this occasion, here are three tips for decorating your home for a showing.

Keep The Decor Simple

If your home is already decorated, you might want to take a look at how your decoration could be scaled back to a more simplified look.

Ideally, the decor in your home should be simple so that anyone visiting the property can easily picture themselves living in that space. If you have too many things on your walls that are personal to you or that evoke a very specific feeling or emotion, it can be hard for some buyers to see past that and envision themselves in that space long-term. So before you start buying more decor items to help spruce up your place, consider how a more simple approach could actually be beneficial for you.

Focus On The Entrance

First impressions really do make a difference when it comes to selling your home. So unless you’re hoping for someone to buy your home as-is, you could take some time to think about how the entrance of your home will appeal to buyers.

Once people get past your front landscaping and your front door, it’s the entrance of the home that’s really going to set the tone for the entire showing. Knowing this, you should focus a lot of your attention here. Anything that can be seen from standing at the front door should be absolute perfection and completely welcoming, so make sure all of your decor and design choices lean very far this way.

Consider Renting Furniture For Staging

If you’ve been using the same furniture for years, you might want to consider renting some furniture for the showings and staging of your home.

While you might think your furniture is cute and comfortable, having a more elegant and modern look will usually appeal more to buyers than seeing a couch that was gifted to you from your grandma’s basement. So if you have too much furniture cluttering your house or have older furniture that doesn’t really fit with the space, you might have better luck just renting for a few days rather than trying to make what you have work.

If you’re selling your home and will be having a showing or an open house in the near future, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you appropriately decorate your house.

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