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15 Tips For A Smoother Move

Moving is stressful – make it less so with these great tips for a smoother move.

1) Plan well in advance to have adequate time to schedule your removal with a provider. You want to ensure they are available on the appropriate date and time.

2) Start packing well before you think you need to. It takes much more time to sort and pack items than you think. You also want to ensure your removal team is not waiting for you to finish packing. They are not paid to stand and wait. Many removal jobs are paid by the hour, so time is money out of your pocket.

3) Update the removal company if you have any changes in the completion date. The more they are updated and the quicker you notify them, they will be better able to accommodate your situation if problems arise. If you can only notify them of problems on the removal day, you may have to pay an extra day’s worth of charges to compensate for their wages.

4) Schedule a proper viewing if you have many items that need to be transported. Do not rely on telephone or email communication, because this may not provide an accurate assessment of the amount of money and time it takes to finish the job.

5) Ask the removal company about the best method of preparing your items. For example, they might want you to place furniture items in a specific place to make the job easier. They may want the wardrobes near the door and the removal boxes moved so they are not obstructing any furniture.

6) Ask if there will be a penalty fee if the removal company goes over their scheduled time. Most removal companies work standard business hours.

7) Before buying additional home insurance, ask your agent. You may already be covered for moving.

8) Consider parking needs before you leave. Ask if you need parking permits or other type’s permits. This may be applicable to your current location or the new location.

9) You should tell your neighbors that you are moving and when they should expect the removal truck to be parked outside.

10) Think about access to your home. There may be furniture items you need to remove first so they do not obstruct doorways or paths.

11) Avoid making boxes too heavy by being thoughtful about how much you pack in them. If they are overfilled, they might also break. Books are the worst offender, because it does not take many before the box becomes too heavy. Pack books in multiple, smaller boxes.

12) It is also possible to under-fill a box, especially if other boxes are stacked on top of them. Create a balance between packing too much or too little in a single box. For additional information, you can read the Packing Guide. In addition, boxes should be marked “fragile” when necessary so the removal people know to handle the box with extra care.

13) When loading or unloading the vehicle, have an extra person available to keep an eye on the items. It can take longer than expected to load or unload items, and this is an easy opportunity for thieves to help themselves.

14) Even the most careful plans can go wrong. Have a backup plan, even with professional removers, just in case anything goes wrong. Know the name of another removal company you can call if something happens with your scheduled removal.

15) Determine the number of removal people who will help load and unload the vehicle. You also want to know if you can continue with your packing when needed or do they want you to help carry items. If you choose a “man and a van” they might expect you to do some of the lifting and loading.

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